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4-H gymkhana results

Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 3:17 pm

The 4-H Horse Show was held on Sunday, July 21.  Trophies were awarded to the two individuals that received the most points throughout the show.

Winners were Katy Horner (13 and under) and Ally Grote (14 and over).  The trophy belt buckles were sponsored by M-and-A Tire Service and Millie Jackson.

The runners up were Kyle Horner (13 and under) and Emily Wommack (14 and over). Their trophy blankets were sponsored by Advanced Eye Care, along with Kevin and Jody Horner.

The following is a list of class winners and trophy donors:

Showmanship at Halter (13 and under), Kyle Horner, Ingram Plumbing;

Showmanship at Halter (14 and over), Emily Wommack, JR Johnston Tack;

Bareback Pleasure (13 and under, walk, trot), Kyle Horner, Luebrecht Excavating;

Bareback Pleasure (13 and under) Katy Horner, Don and Marilyn Hamilton, Farmer’s Insurance;

Bareback Pleasure (14 and over), Lance Dixon, John and Beth Shannon;

4-H Trail Class (13 and under), Katy Horner,  Donna Calicott Insurance Agency;

4-H Trail Class (14 and over), Kara Horner, McIlroy and Millan;

Western Pleasure (13 and under), Katy Horner, Jim and Carol Ford;

Western Pleasure Class (14 and over), Lance Dixon, Jim’s Auto Repair;

English Pleasure, Any Age, Emily Wommack, Bob Niemeyer Custom Farming Service;

Western Riding (13 and under), Katy Horner, MeMe’s Mart and More;

Western Riding (14 and over), Lance Dixon, Kirk and Vicky Carter;

Barrel Race (13 and under), Shannon Connor, MFA Agri-Service;

Barrel Race (14 and over), Kelsey Horner, Smith Trucking;

Pole Bending (13 and under), Katy Horner, Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Bowling Green;

Pole Bending (14 and over), Ally Grote, Cellular and Satellite;

Egg and Spoon (13 and under), Katy Horner, PJ Concrete;

Egg and Spoon (14 and over), Paige Moore, Ky and Mari Nichols;

Flag Race (13 and under), Connor Shannon, Hollow Shop Auto Sales;

Flag Race (14 and over), Bailey Carter, In Memory of Marilyn Millan;

Texas Rollback (13 and under), Katy Horner, Ralls County Electric;

Texas Rollback (14 and over), Ally Grote, State Farm – Steve Kroeck.

The placings for the Egg and Spoon Class (13 and under) were:  Katy Horner, first; MaKenzie Rutherford, second; and Sidney Thomas, third.

Egg and Spoon Class (14 and over) placings were: Paige Moore, first; Emily Wommack, second; and Bailey Carter, third.

Texas Rollback (13 and under) placings were:  Katy Horner, first; Connor Shannon, second; and Kyle Horner, third.

Texas Rollback (14 and over) placings were: Ally Grote, first; Kelsey Horner, second; and Katie Koenig, third.

Herdsman Award was selected on grooming and preparing their own horse, taking care of the horse, and keeping the area tidy.  This year’s 13 and under winner was, Katie Wilkinson, sponsored by Art and Butch Meyer; 14 and over winner was Tori Nichols, sponsored by Sydenstricker Implement.

Sportsmanship Award selection was based on encouraging of fellow riders, courteous toward others, good sport, enjoy the experience, treat their horse in an appropriate manner, and cooperative with other competitors, judges and supervisors.  This year’s winners were boy – Cole Hunter, sponsored by The Ledford Family; and girl – Bailee Kent, sponsored by Greg, Kathy, Cole and Audra Wyble