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Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 3:16 pm

by Wendy Lindsay, 21st CCLC Administrative Assistant


“Wow!”   That is the only way to describe the start of a new school year at the Bowling Green 21st CCLC Y Afterschool Program.  The seventh year of the program is turning out to be the best and largest group we have ever had.  There are presently eighty-five students enrolled in the Y Afterschool Program.  The program also employs sixteen part time employees.

Our employees include present and past employees of the Bowling Green R-1 School District.  Returning as Director of the program is Denise Ash and as Site Coordinator is Ethel Drew.  Karen Allen Is returning as the Food & Fun educator.  Food & Fun is a nutrition and exercise offered on Mondays.  On any given Monday one might find the students cooking, exercising, listening to a story, or playing a game.

The fun and excitement continues on Tuesday with Karen Shinn as she shows the students that Math is Fun.  Mrs. Shinn will use many types of games and manipulative to show that Math isn’t just worksheets and tests.

Cyndi Cerven has taken over the responsibilities of the STEM program.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Mrs. Cerven will be working with the students on Thursday and Friday of each week.  Each week the students will be introduced to a different aspect of the STEM program and will be doing hands on activities.  Last year was the first year STEM was used in the program and was one of the favorite among the students.  Can’t wait to see what the students will be making this year.

Other returning staff includes Amy Becker, Cheryl Becker, Jayne Yoder, Dana Wootten, Julie Colbert, Amber Keethler, Jenn Dyer, & and Glenda Greene.  New staff members are Linda Arnold, Tina Lee, and Andrea Ankrom.  The Bowling Green  21st CCLC Y Afterschool Program is in good hands with these ladies on board.

Our day starts at 3 p.m. when the students are checked-in.  After check-in the students have snack and then some recess time.  After some running and playing it is time for homework or enrichment.  The students have been divided into groups according to their grade level.  Some of the groups may go to an enrichment activity while others will work on homework and reading.  After enrichment and homework there is time for exploring on the computers, doing a craft project, playing with games and puzzles or going back outside for more physical activity.

One new project being introduced into the Y Afterschool Program is journal writing.  Each student has his/her own journal and some time during the week the students are given time to write or draw in their journal about something that has happened during the week.  At the end of the school year these journals will be sent home and enjoyed with the student’s family.

The Bowling Green 21st CCLC Y Afterschool Program has become an essential part of many students’ school life.  Many of the students started coming to the program in kindergarten and have been with us through fifth or sixth grade.  It is exciting to watch the students grow into young adults and to know that the Y Afterschool program has helped them toward a successful life.

Those of us associated with the Y Afterschool want to thank the Bowling Green R-1 District for the use of rooms within the elementary building and their help and cooperation in making the Bowling Green 21St CCLC Y Afterschool Program a real success story.

As we look forward to another year of getting to know our new students and their families we invite anyone who might be interested in sending their child/children to please contact Denise Ash or Ethel Drew at 573-324-4991.

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