Upcoming April elections, filings

Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 11:28 am

There are several positions coming available for the April elections:

Three (3) Bowling Green R-1 Board of Education Director-ships: Allen Chandler,  Roger Colbert (i), and Linda Luebrecht (i).

Bowling Green Mayor: Jim Moore (i) and Donald Hunter.

Bowling Green Collector: Joyce Megown (i).

Bowling Green Alderman (Wards 1, 2, and 3): Joseph R. Smith (Alderman Ward 1), Mike Pugh (i) (Alderman Ward 1), Mark Bair (i) (Alderman Ward 2), and Kenda Flynn (i) (Alderman Ward 3).

Eolia Village Trustee: Wilma Lagemann.

Eolia Community Fire Protection District Board Member (six years): no filings as of press-time.

Curryville Mayor (2 years): no filings.*

Curryville Alderman (West, East, and South Wards; 2 years): no filings.*

Curryville City Collector (2 years): Kandy Smith

Pike County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees (two positions): Allen Lockard (i) and Bob Mustell (i).

Pike County Home Health & Hospice: Jerry Hickerson and Karl Dewey

Frankford Council-person (two positions): Gale L. Griffith-Frolos.

In most cases, the last day for candidate filing is Jan. 21, 2014. Please contact each location for specific details regarding each posting.

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