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Adams Street project begins Tuesday

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 4:21 pm

The Adams Street stormwater project began Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The street between the high school parking lot and Court Street will be closed for approximately two weeks as crews replace the culverts and then give a new asphalt overlay to the notoriously bumpy thoroughfare.

Alliance Water Resources director Bo Stinnet reported at Monday night’s general committee meeting of the city council also that Phase Two work was beginning on the Sharry Street project in Boyer Business Park.

The road is nearing completion that will connect the roundabout with Champ Clark Drive.  The concrete will take between 10-12 days to cure, then it will have to be tested for hardness.

Stinnett also reported that the raw pump at city lake number One was rebuilt, and that in September, two force leaks were repaired on North High Street.

The city started flushing the mains on Monday. Stinnett said people could expect to see cloudy water and low pressure during the process.  It started at the water tower and worked away from it.  Ammonia is a better disinfectant than chlorine, Stinnett said.

Clarence Cannon is also disinfecting their system, and it might take several days for that water to reach Bowling Green. He noted that the new water tower, which has been up for a little over a year, has been a real asset to the city.