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Additional Security Cameras To Be Installed In City Park

Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm

By Ethan Colbert

Would-be vandals who think about pushing over fixtures or damaging city park property may want to think twice after the Board of Aldermen voted Monday evening to purchase three additional cameras for the City Park on Court Street.
The vote was taken during a Special Session of the Board of Aldermen, which was held immediately following the General Committee meeting.
The three new cameras are 360-degree cameras and will be installed at various points throughout the City Park on Court Street and the City Sports Complex.
According to city officials, these high-tech cameras will capture images which can be reviewed and used as evidence by the city’s police department.
The three cameras are expected to cost $5,400.
According to City Administrator Barb Allison, the cameras are needed in the City Park as city officials try to curb a recent spree of vandalism in the city’s largest park.
“We have had a lot of vandalism in the park already this year,” Allison said. “It is a shame that we are having to add more security cameras, but again, we have had problems at the pool. We have had problems at the lower shelter house. We have even had problems with kids getting up on top of the shelter house.”
She later added, “this is a problem that we are going to have to pay attention to.”
During the discussion on this issue, Mayor Don Hunter said he was unsure whether the cameras would deter would-be vandals, but he knew that they would likely make it possible for the police department to apprehend them afterwards.
The Board of Aldermen agreed and unanimously approved the purchase of the three additional cameras.

City Police Reports
Investigation Into Theft and Vandalism
Following Monday night’s Special Session meeting, City of Bowling Green Police Chief Don Nacke told the Times that his department had recently concluded two investigations regarding reports of theft and property damage in the city park.
According to Nacke, the first incident occurred on May 23, involved three juvenile suspects stealing from the park’s concession stand.
The city police chief says the juveniles either consumed or took around $100 worth of merchandise from the concession stand.
Nacke, who declined to give the name of the suspects due to their age, said the three individuals were referred to the county’s Juvenile Court.
The individuals are Bowling Green residents, according to Nacke.
The second incident occurred on May 30. According to Nacke, officers were called to the park to investigate property damage.
As a result of that investigation, an adult and a juvenile suspect were taken into custody. When questioned by authorities, the two individuals also confessed to throwing eggs at three homes in Bowling Green. The homes are on North Main Cross and West Main Street.

The Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Monday evening to install three new 360-degree security cameras in the City Park on Court Street, which is pictured above. According to city officials, the cameras are needed due to a recent spree of vandalism in the City Park on Court Street.