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Aldermen approve temporary street closure, court cost raise

Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 12:36 pm

A Bowling Green Church got the okay to move forward with the planning of an upcoming event as the result of Monday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, which was called to order by Mayor Jim Moore with all board members present.

The Second Baptist Church was given approval to temporarily close a street for their “5th quarter” events.

Minutes from the previous meeting and presentation of warrants were both approved unanimously.

Alderpersons Kenda Flynn and Mark Bair both voted no on the treasurer’s report. Flynn stated her beliefs that it’s “hard to approve” something when they have little time to review it, as the report was only made available at the start of the meeting. The motion passed by a majority vote.

Following these votes came the introduction and reading of bills 1764 and 1765.

The first bill is to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest. City Clerk Barb Allison explained this is a vote taken every two years to ensure that Aldermen will obstain from voting on an issue that will present a potential conflict of interest. The first and second readings were both unanimously approved. The bill was passed as Ordinance 1734.

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