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Amy Patterson, Ace Reporter – My Thoughts

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Oh what a busy few weeks it has been. I’ve greatly missed my little “free-for-all-forum,” I’ve got going here. This is going to be a short one; I still haven’t caught up on sleep front last week.

Let me begin by saying, “Go Bobcats!” I am so very proud of both the boys and girls teams for their wins in the Bowling Green tourney. Congrat-ulations to the players and coaches (and proud bball moms and dads).

Finally, we have some team spirit. I will add, when the basketball season first trickled in, we certainly noticed a lack of, well, everything. Sport seasons shouldn’t trickle; they should come out with a bang. I can’t say that our cheerleaders, pom squad, and players didn’t try to keep things exciting, but when there’s only four people in the stands rooting for you, it’s  easy to lose the spirit.

The main point of my rant is this: Bowling Green gathered together last week, and in a mass display of “fair-day team spirit,” cheered our teams to victory. In the past several weeks of the basketball season, I’ve never seen the boys, or girls, light up the way they did with these wins.

We need to keep the trend going. Our cheerleaders need to be louder and prouder (and may I include, enunciate?); our basketball moms and dads need to come to the games, and be louder and prouder; and we need some more community support.

Yes, we have a young boys team, but if you didn’t notice, they were recently very successful in the Bowling Green Tournament. And if you can’t support the Lady Cats in all their wild victories, then you’re just not much of a true fan at all. Period.