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Amy Patterson – “My Thoughts”

Posted on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Can someone, anyone, tell me at what point the sociological balance of our world shifted and suddenly made the majority of Americans feel so entitled?

I know just a couple of weeks ago I was preaching about not judging folks and giving everyone a fair shake. This week, it’s not my goal to judge these individuals, but more so to simply disapprove of their actions and mindsets.

Between food stamps, reduced rent, free cell phones, and the other “benefits,” I certainly understand the appeal of government assistance. Why isn’t everyone on welfare?

Oh, I remembered! It’s a little thing called pride. And hard work; that too.

Before I anger everyone reading this column, let me say one thing: I understand that some circumstances are out of your control. Obviously you can’t change an illness or disability which leaves you unable to work. It’s not your fault that an industrial accident left you with only one functioning arm. You, my friends, are not the subject of my rant.

Do you know how much self control it takes to bite your tongue after someone claims that “junk food” is cheaper than good, wholesome produce when  the subject of food stamps comes up, just so as to not offend them?

This week, you can buy bananas at one of our local stores for $.39 a pound. Tell me that’s cheaper than the $3 Oreos. Banana bread is better than Oreos any day.

Want to know the last time I had Oreos? When I lived at home and my parents bought them.

I work a minumum of 45 hours a week, shouldn’t I have earned the right to be able to buy cookies by now?

No, I have other responsibilities than a “guilty pleasure.” I have animals to feed, bills to pay, and laundry to do. By the time that’s all done, I can promise you there’s nothing left for Oreos, Lotto tickets, or cigarettes (p.s. no I do not smoke).

Now explain to me how the person that doesn’t work more than 10 hours a week can afford the payment on a Cadillac, Dish TV, an iPhone, and the new Nike Air Max shoes.

Thankfully, that’s where our government steps in. That’s where my tax money goes.

Most behavioral traits are learned.  We have bred generations of lazy and entitled brats. With Uncle Sam’s generous donations to these groups, we have allowed parents to teach their children, and so on, the skills of the welfare recipient.

While your neighbor is standing in line for the food bank with a baby on her sweatpants-clad hip and a Swisher Sweet dangling from her mouth, the rest of the world and I are punching the clock and rubbing our pennies together.

And yet, when I go to the store looking dog tired, with roots showing in my hair, and no fresh manicure, I’m subject to ridicule. I don’t drive the newest car or wear the trendiest clothes, so I’m the odd ball out.

I’m adding money to a 401K and paying an unreal amount for health insurance, in addition to what the government already takes from my pay checks. These deductions mean I don’t get to go eat out every day or buy a new car every two years.

Yet Joe Blow, who’s on “disability” because one time a Doctor told him he was at risk for Diabetes, gets to waste his day away watching “adult entertainment” on pay-per-view and munching on Big Macs on my dime. Something’s wrong here.

All I ask is that everyone try to earn their keep. If you aren’t able to work because of whatever affliction you have, at least pick up the piece of trash you see in the park. Do something to make the world a better place.

Oh and PS: Your baby-daddy can’t find work so you have to get on WIC? I call BS; I’m sure McDonald’s is hiring. Didn’t you say he was a grill-master anyways?