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Amy Patterson – “My Thoughts”

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Last week was BGHS Homecoming. The school hosted several events to boost school spirit and morale. Among those events was the Bobcat Beauty Pageant.

The Bobcat Beauty Pageant is not a novel idea. For years schools have sponsored similar events, in which male students dress in “drag” and participate in pageant-esque competitions, including (but not limited to) talent and interview portions.

I posted a photo of two BGHS students in lovely prom dresses to the Bowling Green Times Facebook page during the event. Soon after, the criticism flood gates opened.

More than one individual commented on this photo simply saying it was “sick” and wrong. One person feigned disbelief that the school would sponsor, even condone, such actions.


Believe it or not, BGHS seems to be lacking a good dose of school spirit. Aside from home football games, our “home team” side at school functions and sports events is usually severely lacking and quiet.

It was less than five years ago that the football team was vying for the state champs title. Does that not allow a little carry-over in the “Go Bobcats!” department?

It’s disappointing to go to nearly every sports event BGHS hosts and see this absence of school spirit. Not only this, but now as soon as our students actually become interested in having a good time and supporting the school, we’re going to condemn them?

One of the people serving cold hard flack on the photo’s comment section even suggested that these students (who are both sophomores, mind you) go to  and participate in St. Louis’ “Marty Gras” drag races.

Listen, I don’t know “Marty,” but I’m pretty sure 16 (or so) year old boys have no business at his party.

Imagine my surprise when the discussion on the photo then turned to allowing God, prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.

What, pray tell, does a boys-dressed-as-girls “beauty pageant” have to do with praying or pledging your allegiance to the good ol’ US of A?

(Side note: Yes, I think people should be able to praise the Lord and support our nation as they see fit, but that’s not the point here.)

Our world has enough to worry about without adding to the pile. Especially when you’re dealing with young kids (I think 16 still counts as “young”), sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

What business does a grown adult woman (or man) have with telling a sophomore in high school that they’re “sick” (when your Facebook profile picture is a peace sign it really drives your message home, by the way).

Either people on the internet need to get lives that don’t revolved around judging those that others are leading, or people need to learn the difference between “fun” and “serious”.

I would enjoy being able to go to a fun, hilarious even, school function without worrying about Joe Schmoe asking “How can we support this, but not God?”. Really?

Unnecessary, Joe. Let the kids have their fun.  They’ll see you in church Sunday morning, anyways.