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Amy Patterson – My Thoughts

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 2:32 pm

At what point did we decide we want the newspapers to stop covering the news?

The day we at the Bowling Green Times run a “criminal” story on the front page and don’t receive flack, this girl will do backflips.

By definition, a newspaper is “a publication issued at regular and usually close intervals, especially daily or weekly, and commonly containing news, comments, features, and advertising.”

The first “ingredient” in that list is news. This means both the good and the bad news.

I would have a hard time imagining any news source in the world, namely a paper, that wants a front page of nothing but bad news.

Do you think I want to cover the missing people and child rapists? No. I would much rather spend my days covering the puppy parade (I wish) and the teeny-baby-cuddle-a-thon (again, I wish).

Unless I truly have a vendetta out for someone, and no one is coming to mind, I will not get pleasure from running your family member or best friend on our cover.

But you know what? If your kid, be it your homecoming queen daughter or your sport-star son, *allegedly* commits a crime, they are no different than the nameless guy in the house on the corner who did the same.

If your cousin’s-friend’s-sister’s-boyfriend beats the ba-jeezous out of the UPS guy, I think our community has a right to know. I would probably stop partying with that guy!

I can certainly sympathize with those parents who have seen their kid’s mugshot plastered on the front page. I have no doubt what The Mom would think if it were me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t lessen what they’ve done.

Why would you condemn a news source, one that does everything in their power to objectively report on everything happening in your town, for running these stories?

Be it the away football game, the Board of Aldermen meeting, or your baby’s birth announcement–if it’s news, we want it and we’ll be there to cover it.

Here’s my sob story for you: I’m what most would still consider a newlywed. For those of you that have questioned our “news coverage,” don’t you think I’d prefer to be at home with my husband instead of writing a story about some deadbeat-chick abusing her kid? But you know what? This is my job, and by my definition, that’s news; it deserves a front page spot.

Don’t like it? Please tell me about the next time your kitty does that funny trick. I’ll be happy to come out and take a picture for page 6.

For the most part, people like it when I “tell it like it is” regarding folks abusing the welfare system and ripping off the blue-collared Americans. We eat this up like candy, but we don’t want to hear about the time your neighbor blatantly stole $1,000 from your purse?

I know it’s impossible to make everyone happy. But can we, for one moment, take the sheep’s wool from our eyes and the chips off our shoulders?

News is news, people – regardless of the subject; even if it’s your Grandma or baby boy. An “alleged” crime is an “alleged” crime.