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Amy Patterson – “My Thoughts”

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 2:11 pm

Each year, there is at least one event I experience which really gets me to feel the “Christmas Spirit.”

This year, however, it hasn’t just been one event. There have been tons and tons of people reaching out to one another in hopes of bringing a sliver of joy to each other’s lives.

People have been paying-it-forward, encouraging their fellow man to “pull a Hammi,” and performing random acts of kindness for months.

Never before have I been the recipient of these acts. No, I didn’t miss the unprompted niceties or envy those that had, but it makes a world of difference when you experience these actions first hand.

In less than a month’s time I have been on the receiving end of two random, kind, and completely unnecessary acts of kindness. Yes, these deeds were unnecessary, but this made them no less moving or inspiring.

While, to most, a paid utility bill and custom-made wreath wouldn’t be earth-shattering, to me and mine these kind acts were nothing less than amazing.

It seems that nearly every day I hear of someone doing something nice for someone. Isn’t this the way it should be? For once thinking of someone else before ourselves? No, I don’t just mean your husband, wife, or family; I mean complete strangers. Those strangers are the ones that need extra love.

Christmas is about gifts, yes, but it’s not about the gifts in the bags and bows. Christmas is about the gifts from your souls; the ones that don’t require wrapping paper and tape. These gifts are usually given spontaneously and don’t cost the giver anything other than a moment in time.

I know it seems daunting; maybe you don’t know what to do or who to do it for, but please find it in your heart to do something nice for someone. You may not know of a secret struggle this person is dealing with, and your actions could make a world of difference.