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Amy Patterson – “My Thoughts”

Posted on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 2:11 pm

“Hey whatever happened to, waitin’ your turn/Doing it all by hand, cause when everything is handed to you/It’s all only worth as much as the time you put in/In all just seems so good the way we had it/Back before everything became, automatic”

– Miranda Lambert,



I heard this little diddy on the radio the other day, and I will tell you it struck a nerve (or chord, if you like puns).

We have become a “me” society.

Our blue collars have transformed into spaghetti-stained “wife-beater” tank tops and elbow grease has been replaced with whining and squeaky wheels.

I know most of our readers won’t believe it, but I really do my best to be an optimist. I save my complaining for those lucky enough to have a close relationship with me. My aunt even called me a “bright spot” once!

However, when you come face-to-face with the harsh reality of today’s society on a regular basis, it becomes hard to keep that smile plastered on your face.

Today’s world is one where we blame the teachers instead of the students for poor grades, take easy street and handouts as a replacement for hard work and determination, and shelter our children as opposed to teaching them responsibility. It’s a sad world.

Of course there are exceptions; there’s the elderly woman who was honored by a neighboring high school after a year of lifting student spirits simply by waving at them from her home as they made their way to school. The internet is chock-full of happy puppy videos. “#Blessed” has become a viral tag on social media sites. Those are nice things.

Unfortunately, it seems like many people are ignorantly happy in their lives; they’re content in our current situation. They were raised to act the way they do and see no problems. The rays of sunshine among us are the minority anymore.

In yesteryear people didn’t take life and its many accommodations for granted. Folks worked for what they had and appreciated their blessings. Family was number one, not the number of “likes” you got on your most recent Facebook post.

Maybe that’s the problem – Facebook. Has the internet brain washed us to the point of no return? Has the world-wide-web bred the current “me, myself, and I” generation? My bet is that it definitely had something to do with our situation – after all, you don’t see the issue in the “aged.”

Not only has this epidemic spread amongst the world’s twenty-somethings, but now it’s forcing its way into the hearts of the younger generations, as well.

Parents, I beg of you, resist the temptation to become “Pinterest moms” and focus on the more important things in life…

Practice flash cards with your kids. Don’t brag when your two-year-old figures out how to unlock your iPad and find their favorite game (this does not mean they’re smart, for the record). And for heaven’s sake, please teach them some manners! The less I’m tempted to spank children at Walmart, the better.

This duty falls on your shoulders alone, not your neighbor’s, not the teachers’. You are in charge here.

In case you haven’t noticed, your children are the future of our world. And personally, I would appreciate it if I didn’t have to live in a world run by “twits” (as my teeny Grandma would call them).

Instead of teaching kids to apply for food stamps, let’s teach them to drive stick shifts. Instead of catching up on Teen Mom, play house or throw a football back and forth (outside is always a good idea).

Our world doesn’t have to be like this, guys. We made it like this! We allowed these changes to occur, and we have the power to change them back – as long as we have the will to do it.