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Arrests made in Curryville after investigation of domestic assault

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 at 1:57 pm

A Pike County Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicle is parked outside of a Curryville home on Thursday afternoon. Officials with the county sheriff’s department responded to the scene after receiving a call that two individuals had been stabbed. Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte says that the individuals hurt in this incident had wounds from being cut, not from being stabbed.


By Ethan Colbert


A pair of Curryville residents were arrested last night by Pike County Sheriff Department deputies as part of an investigation into an incident that happened on Friday afternoon and sent the same residents to area hospitals for treatment.

According to Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte, both individuals were released from custody sometime after 11 a.m. on Friday.

The county sheriff said that he anticipated submitting a probable cause statement to the Pike County Prosecuting Attorney’s office later this afternoon. As this is still considered an open investigation, law enforcement officials are withholding the identities of the two individuals.

According to a bystander, two individuals — a man and a woman — exited this home and appeared to be bleeding from several wounds. The home is located within the 200-block of West Maple Street.

An official with the Pike County Prosecuting Attorney’s office said that they would review any documents sent from the Pike County Sheriff’s Department prior to making any statements regarding whether charges would or would not be filed in this case.

The announcement of whether charges will be filed in this case, would be the next chapter for a story that started on a normally quiet street in Curryville on Thursday afternoon.

According to Robert Lawrence, a bystander, around 12:35 p.m. a middle-aged man emerged from a home within the 200-block of West Maple Street in Curryville. The man shouted that he had been stabbed and that he needed someone to call 911.

Lawrence, an Ameren Missouri employee, had just arrived to repair a street light in front of the home when he heard the shouts, turned and saw the man.

According to Lawrence, who spoke to a Times reporter on the scene, the man appeared to be bleeding from his head, chest and stomach area.

“When he came to my truck, he was spewing blood all over the place,” Lawrence said in an interview. “He got blood all over the side of my truck.”

As Lawrence called 911, the unidentified man fell to the sidewalk and allegedly began to lose consciousness.

While Lawrence was on the phone with emergency dispatch, an unidentified older adult female also exited the home and showed signs of several injuries.

According to Lawrence, the unidentified female did not respond to his questions about whether or not she had been hurt and simply walked down the street, crossed Highway E and entered a home on the western side of Curryville.

Pike County Sheriff’s Department deputy David Carroll prepares to take a photo of potential evidence. Also pictured is Joshua Baker, another PCSD deputy.

Lawrence was still at the scene when law enforcement officials arrived. Representatives of both the Pike County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Bowling Green’s Police Department responded to the scene.

According to BGPD Chief Don Nacke he responded to the scene because the initial call stated that there were multiple victims.

“I just went out there because I thought it sounded like they might need help,” Nacke said. “The initial call was there were two stabbings in two different houses in Curryville. Once I got there, I was told they had it under control and so I left. As a department, we will always go and help if they need help.”

On Friday morning, Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte spoke with the Times in a telephone interview about the ongoing investigation.

According to Korte, both the unidentified male and unidentified female were taken by ambulance to area hospitals for the treatment of their “superficial” wounds.

“They were more like cut wounds,” Korte said in his interview. The sheriff said he would not describe yesterday’s incident as a stabbing.

He also said none of the wounds to either individual was life threatening.

According to Korte, as the investigation unfolded yesterday afternoon and evening, it became clear the two individuals who exited the home had been engaged in some sort of a domestic dispute.

“These two individuals were living together,” Korte said. The county sheriff declined to speculate on the exact nature of their relationship.


The driver’s side door of this Ameren Missouri truck is bloodied after one of the two individuals involved in yesterday’s incident in Curryville stood next to the door.

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