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BGHS Alumni Banquet Trivia Answers

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 10:38 am

1. Who is the 1958 graduate that is greatly associated with John Deere tractors and Chevrolet cars? Ed Jennings
2. This 1982 graduate will soon become the Bowling Green City Administrator. Who is she? Linda Keith Luebrecht
3. This former Bowling Green High School Principal graduated with the class of 1998. Who are they? Brad Kurz
4. Family, church, and the Lions Club are very important to this 1998 graduate. His patriotism and his kindness as a funeral director are very important to our community. Ryan Bibb
5. This 1958 graduate was the wake-up call for Pike County for many years at Cow Pasture Radio Station. Joe Lewis
6. For a haircut, trim, or styling, go see this 1968 graduate prior to this year’s banquet! Joyce Korte Gollaher
7. This couple graduated in 1978 and can be seen carrying the mail in Curryville and working at the Pike County Extension office. Who are they? They are Jeff Miller and Fay Gilbert Miller
8. This 2008 graduate is currently serving as an RN at Pike County’s Home Health and Hospice. Hilary Klott Hackenworth
9. This 2002 graduate is the IT Director for the B.G. R-I School District. Drew Orf
10. What BGHS graduate has been recently elected as the Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee? Glen Jacobs
11. Who from the BGHS Class of 1998 recently had breakfast with the Dalai Lama in New Delhi? James Saucier
12. What 1978 BGHS graduate is a successful Certified Licensed MO Appraiser in Lincoln County? Vickie Turpin
13. This 1968 graduate taught Social Studies at BGHS for over 30 years. Name this graduate. Linda Hearn McCollum
14. In 1948, P.N. Hirsch Store in Bowling Green sold black and white oxford shoes sold for $3.98. Beef at grocery stores in Bowling Green was selling for 33 cents per pound and pork steaks were 49 cents per pound.
15. In 1968, this 1949 BGHS graduate was the basketball coach at Kansas State University. Name this graduate. Cotton Fitzsimmons
16. This third-generation BGHS graduate is a loan officer for Community State Bank in Troy, his mother is the treasurer of the Alumni Association, and his grandfather was a member of the 1962 BGHS basketball team. Name this graduate. Kyle Scherder

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