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Body Of Second Missing Fisherman Believed To Have Been Recovered

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 2:23 pm

Officials with the Missouri State Highway Patrol say they are 99 percent sure that the body pulled from the Mississippi River Tuesday afternoon is the body of Earl Fogle, who went missing with another commercial fisherman in early March.
According to Missouri State Highway Patrol spokesman Dallas Thompson, officials say the body recovered matches the physical characteristics and the clothing provided by Fogle’s surviving family.
Thompson says that a finger print test and a DNA test will be conducted to confirm the identity of the body.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol, who is leading the investigation into the drowning, will facilitate both tests.
Thompson said that the body was recovered from the Missouri shore of the Mississippi River near Louisiana.
According to a previous Times article, Fogle and David Hultz had reportedly went to the DuPont Reservation Conservation Area in northern Pike County to check fishing nets and to place new nets.
According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, around 3 o’clock on March 6, 2018, the men checked in with their families. That was the last time the men were heard from.
When the two men failed to return home, a concerned family member contacted 911 around 8:30 p.m. to report the two men as missing.
As officers investigated, they found a Ford pick-up truck parked in the parking area of DuPont Reservation Conservation Area. The truck belonged to one of the missing men.
As the search progressed, search crews took to the Mississippi River and began combing the waters for signs of the missing men. Among those searching were search and rescue teams from Louisiana Fire and Rescue, the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri Highway Patrol’s Water Safety Division, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Pike County, Illinois Water Rescue organization.
Search and rescue teams searched throughout the first evening and the following days attempting to locate the two missing men.
On March 9, search teams were able to locate Hultz’s body downstream of where the capsized boat was located submerged under the water.

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