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Bowling Green Middle School year end awards

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 11:05 am

Eighth Grade Pre-Alegebra Awards 


Hardest Worker

2R – Chris Marks

3R – Kodie Klocke and Samantha Momphard

1B – Meghan Leverenz and Ocean Smith

3B – Reed Niemeyer, Alycea Whetstein and Elizabeth Willemarck


Most Improved

2R – Leslie Lawerence and Zach Craiger

3R – Kailey Sheets and Donovan Cooper

1B – Stacy Davis

3B – Jared Hays and Jasmine Moore


English Language Arts Awards


Creative Writer – Elizabeth Willermarck

Creative Thinker – Alyson Young


Top AR Points

Taylor Schniedler, Christian Niffen, Caitlyn Shinn and Reed Niemeyer


Eighth Grade Science Awards


Miss Proton (positive students)

B1- Mariah Flowers

B3 – Samantha Momphard

R1- Rian Lawrence

R3- Madi Grote

R4- Chloe Calhoun


Mr. Proton (positive students)

B1- Hayden Comer

B3 – Ryan Reynolds

R1- Grant Hunt

R3- Dakota Niemeyer

R4- Kodie Klocke


Outstanding Science students A or A- for semester

R1- Kennedy Fuerst, Meghan Leverenz and Elizabeth Willemark

R3- Reid Glenn, Dakota Hipes, Mayshonna Hutt, Kara Meyer, Trey Nichols and Taylor Schneidler

R4 – Brenden Bixby, Chloe Calhoun, Erin Martin, Catherine McMorris, Zane Porter and Ryan Talkington

B3 – Brooke Bruns, Lauren Madigan and Loren Niemeyer


Most Improved Science Students

Summer Sinclair, Cameron Niemeyer, Kailey Sheets, Stacy Davis, Adriana Shoemaker, Justin McDaniel, Donovan Cooper, Trevor Potter, Zach Pope and Tim Curry

Nobel Prize Scientist

Erin Martin and Brendan Bixby


Top Eco-Detectives

Quarter 1 – Daylan Horton

Quarter 2 – Morgan Jennings

Quarter 3 – Taylor Schneidler and Trey Jines

Quarter 4 – Karrington Martin


Eighth Grade Social Studies Awards 2013


Patriot Poster:

Message – Katie McMorris “Being an American Patriot Today Means … Service!
Madi Grote – “Being an American Patriot Today Means …. Strength!

Creativity – Sean Lindsay – “Being an American Patriot Today Means … Freedom..Rel, Speech – Grant Hunt – “Being an American Patriot Today Means … Freedom to Choose

American Revolution “Point of View T-shirt”- (Award)

Best Message- “Taxed Enough Already!” – Alexis Harp-Epperson

Most Creative – “We’re Not Your Dolls, Don’t Play With Us!” – Madi Grote

Most Creative- “Think Outside the Cup!” – Meghan Leverenz

-Best Message – “It’s Too Late To Apologize!” – Caitlyn Shinn

Best Message – “Be Cool ‘Cuz Neutral Rules!” – Lexis Colston

Most Creative – “ Put it in Neutral & Let it Roll!” – Brooke Bruns

Constitution Champ (Award) Taylor Schneidler and Katie McMorris – both 100%

Lewis and Clark Test:

Brooke Bruns, Reed Niemeyer, Zane Porter, Mayshonna Hutt, Caitlyn Shinn, and Reid

“State of Missouri v. Curly Pig” Mock Trial – (Award)


Best Portrayal of…

Curly Pig – Mr. Dakota “Curly” Niemeyer B.B. Wolf – Miss Dakota “I’m so Bad” Hipes Judge – The Honorable Lauren Madigan Prosecutor- Mr. Ryan “I mean business” Talkington
Prosecutor’s Assistant – Mr. Jared “Don’t Mess with Me” Hays
Defense Attorney – Mr. Trey “You’re Going Down” Nichols Defense Attorney’s Assistant – Miss Alyssa “Sharp as a Tack” Starks Witness – Miss Madi “Just call me Jackie” Grote Bailiff – Miss Bailey “one bullet, give me a donut” Orf Court Reporter – Mr. Justin “Types a mile a minute” McDaniel Court Clerk – Miss Kennedy “Tell the Truth” Fuerst Host -Miss Kara “Hostest with the Mostest” Meyer Mr. Grant “Host with the Most” Hunt

Jurv Foreperson (1) – Mr. Lane “Hang Me By My Toenails” Sutton

Jurors (11)
Alexis Colston, Garrett Swarnes, Abby Moore, Chris Marks,
Adriana Shoemaker, Elizabeth Willemarek, Noah Gamm, Kailey Sheets, Erin Martin, Mayshonna Hutt and Rian Lawrence

Mock Trial Test Champ (Award) Tie – Taylor Schneidler, Zane Porter and Erin Martin


Civil War Champs –
Taylor Schneidler- First Quarter – Karrington Martin/ Marlin Dade – Second Quarter –
Katie McMorris – Third Quarter Kennedy Fuerst -Fourth Quarter


Top Eighth Grade Social Studies Students

Second Red – Taylor Schneidler

Third Red – Brooke Bruns and Zane Porter

Fourth Red – Trey Nichols

First Black – Katie McMorris

Third Black – Mayshonna Hutt, Kara Meyer, Chloe Calhoun


Overall Eighth Grade Social Studies Students

Taylor Schneidler, Zane Porter and Katie McMorris


Hard Work & Effort – Social Studies – Anna Zheng, Kodie Klocke and Sam Momphard


Social Studies Citizen of the Month – Award

September -Sam Momphard October – Meghan Leverenz, November – Kara Meyer December – Katie McMorris January – Kodie Klocke February – Elizabeth Willemarck March – Loren Niemeyer April – Mariah Flowers May – Trey Nichols


“Top Cat” in CAT Time Good Citizen – Lauren Madigan and Katie McMorris

CAT Time Achievement – NO HOT SHEETS all year! Lauren Madigan, Anna Zheng and Loren Niemeyer

Most Improved in CAT Time – Zach Pope


BGMS Art Award

Sixth Grade

Best of Show for her ceramic giraffe – Ally Huber

First place – Kaylen Fisher

Second place – Dadrealle Hawkins

Third place – Taylor Blackwell

Honorable Mention: Abi Jacyna, Nathan Wurtz, Coral Green. Kyla Berrey, Taylor Grimsley and Madeline Perry

Seventh Grade

Best of Show – Arika Thorpe for her Thiebaud ceramic cake

First place – Nichole Bruni

Second place – Codi Riegel

Third place – Arika Thorpe

Honorable mention – Lane Floyd, Hannah Grote, Rose Privett, Samantha Sidwell and Mikey Conklin

Eighth Grade

Best of Show – Dakota Hipes for her Georgia O’Keeffee Painting

First place – Erin Martin

Second place – Brenden Bixby

Third place – Zane Porter

Honorable mention – Summer Sinclair, Brooke Bruns, Taylor Schneidler and Lauren Madigan


Overall Student Choice Award for grades sixth through eighth artists

Dakota Hipes for her selections of her beehive clay slab box and the O’Keeffe painting


Golden Paintbrush

Sixth Grade – Mary Dubach for her Paper Collage Horse

Seventh Grade – Nichole Bruni for her clay gumball machine inspired by Wayne Thiebaud

Eighth Grade – Dakota Hipes foe her artwork selections of slab box, Symmetry and the O’Keeffe Painting


Sixth Grade  First Semester Top Artist – Mary DuBauch and Ally Huber

First Semester Artistic Role Model – Billy Graver and Halle Roach

Sixth Grade Second Semester Top Artist – Taylor Grimsley and Kaylen Fisher

Second Semester Artistic Role Model – Autumn Brookshier and Sarah Harness


Fall Published Artists – Sixth Grade – Taylor Blackwell, Madyson Brown, Ally Huber, Amber Riley, Abi Jacyna and Gabi Deters. Seventh Grade – Hannah Grote, Kelsey Finley and Matthew Sisson. Eighth Grade – Kara Meyer, Elizabeth Willemarck, Zane Porter, Dakota Hipes and Erin Martin.

Spring Published Artists – Sixth Grade – Kaylen Fisher, Abi Jacyna, Kileigh Prior, Sarah Harness, Bryson Heidecker, Summer Green, Madyson Brown, Stephanie Hughart, Autumn Brookshier, Emily Green and Madeline Perry. Seventh Grade – Nichole Bruni, Samantha Sidwell and Arika Thorpe. Eighth Grade – Erin Martin, Dakota Hipes, Brooke Bruns, Kara Meyer, John Holcomb and Samantha Momphard.