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Business is Bloomin

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 8:45 am

PHOTO-VALENTINE'S FLOWERSBouquet Florist Owner and Floral Designer Barb Shinn shares a laugh with her coworkers while she works in her shop on a pre-made Valentine’s Day arrangement. Shinn was busy over the weekend preparing more than 900 flowers for Valentine’s Day arrangements.

Over the past 72 hours, sweethearts have swamped local florists and candy shops in preparation of romance’s big day.
According to Barb Shinn, the owner and designer of Bouquet Florist in Bowling Green, patrons of her store have all come in looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day arrangement.
“Red roses are the most popular flower this year,” Shinn said in a Saturday afternoon interview. She said lillies are a close second this year, because romantics have found that the flowers are particularly long lasting. “Usually, we have several people come in that are looking for yellow or lavendar colored-roses, but this year everyone wants red.”
While nationwide candy arrangements continue to gain popularity as an alternative Valentine’s Day gift, Shinn said Bowling Green shoppers seem to be more traditional.
“Once in a while, you get someone who wants a spring mix (of flowers), just because they want to be different,” Shinn said. “This year, though, everyone is wanting roses.”
To help prepare for romance’s biggest holiday, Shinn said she placed an order in January for more than 500 roses and more than 400 auxiliary flowers that will be used exclusively for Valentine’s Day arrangements.
“To get the best roses, you have to order your roses early,” Shinn said. “I don’t think most people realize how early you have to order your flowers, your vases, and your greenery.”
Shinn said she began ordering vases at various trade shows over a year ago in preparation for this year’s Valentine’s Day.
Besides lots of business, Valentine’s Day has generated some memorable moments for Shinn and her daughter-in-law, Jill Shinn, of Eldon, and her niece, Heather Francis, of Bowling Green, who both work in the shop alongside her.
The trio have worked more than 60 hours each since Friday evening.
“Most of the time we are laughing,” Jill said on Saturday.
They will also be working around-the-clock to prepare for the delivery of more than dozens of arrangements.
Heather said the deliveries were among her favorite part of the busy day — “That smile someone gets when they weren’t expecting the flowers, that’s my favorite part of the whole day.”