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Christians and elections

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 3:09 pm

By Rev. Robert W. Warren


Throughout the Bible God’s people were called to influence their world in bringing godly principles and values into a world that has a drag toward sin inflicting it. From God raising up prophets to go to kings in the Old Testament, to Paul earnestly desiring to go to Rome to witness to Caesar, to Jesus’ command to go and be His witnesses. God’s people are called throughout the ages to be a witness about godliness and righteousness to their neighbor, their town, their governing officials; witness not in the sense of a passive bystander looking on, or complaining behind the scenes, but in the sense of being an active declarer and influencer.

Is that not what we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer? “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”. What does that mean except that we are to be active agents in bringing God’s principles to bear upon our society?  We pray for God to send His kingdom but how does He choose to do it?  Through those who are praying the prayer.

We live in the most amazing country, one that the apostle Paul could not have fathomed, with our rights and freedoms. His call, like the call of His Savior Jesus, was to be a witness in the face of Roman dictatorship. What do you think they would say in a country where we get to elect our leaders? What does the call of God to be a witness and exert influence for God mean in such a country?  Here are some quick thoughts:

1. We as Christians called to be a witness and to exert influence should be involved in the process. We cannot just “check-out”. There is nothing Satan would rather convince us to do than to be passive as he works to bring the country toward sin and ruin.

2. We as Christians called to be a witness and to exert influence must vote as godly of values as we can first and foremost. We have been given a sacred trust (which is what I believe America is), and are on a mission from God, not to sanction the sin in the world, but to do our best to bring God’s will about.  It is not about a particular political party or petty issues.  There are some clearly Christian, biblical value differences in the candidates and parties again this year, issues like allowing abortion on demand, even up through partial delivery, and it being paid for by the taxpayers; government intrusion into our lives through universal health care; and fiscal recklessness that makes us a debtor nation where we will not be able to control our own God-ordained destiny.  [Note: This is my list.  You need your own; just be able to defend it factually and biblically:)]

3. We as Christians called to be a witness and to exert influence must view the privilege of voting as a God-given opportunity to try to elect governing officials who will respect Biblical values and principles.  The nation that honors the God of the Bible will be blessed; the nation that forgets God and what He teaches us about truth and right living will suffer decline.

4.  We need to be in prayer.  Matthew 9:38 comes to mind.  I know it has a different contextual meaning, but it could apply here.  There Jesus tells His disciples to “ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest field”.  America needs the right kind of political leaders because there is work to be done.  We need to pray for the Lord of the harvest that He will raise up and send out His kind of workers into the harvest field, even as we do not forget He uses us to accomplish His purposes.

May God richly bless you as you go to the polls, and may God bless this great land!