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East Central Drug Task Force News – Officials announce quarterly seizures

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 3:16 pm

The Board of Directors of the East Central Drug Task Force met on July 11 at the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office.  Among the topics discussed was a request from the police department of the city of Warrenton to join the Task Force.  Board members voted unanimously to accept Warrenton’s request, and welcomed Warrenton’s Police Chief, Greg Houdyshell to the Board of Directors.

The East Central Drug Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional drug task force which serves Audrain, Montgomery, and Warren Counties.  Additionally, the task force serves the city of Bowling Green, in Pike County.

Participating law enforcement agencies of the task force include the Audrain County Sherriff’s Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Bowling Green Police Department, Mexico Public Safety Department, Montgomery City Police Department, and the Vandalia Police Department.

The East Central Drug Task Force employs three Task Force Officers and is coordinated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, who additionally supplies two Troopers to the task force.

The East Central Drug Task Force focuses their efforts on drug enforcement by conducting both covert and overt narcotics investigations in the counties and cities they serve.  The task force reported the following amounts of drug seizures as a result of their enforcement efforts in the previous quarter (April 1 through June 30).

Methamphetamine: 2,716 grams; Ecstasy: 25 units; Marijuana (processed): 1,350 grams; Marijuana plants: 17 plants; Synthetics drugs (Cannabinoids and Cathinones): 38 grams; Pseudoephedrine: 144 units; Prescription drugs/pills: 124 units.

During the previous quarter (listed above), the East Central Drug Task Force also seized six firearms, disassembled 15 methamphetamine drug laboratories, served 15 search warrants, making 66 arrests, totaling 85 separate drug charges.

The East Central Drug Task Force credits their success to local and surrounding law enforcement agencies’ and the public’s cooperation.  If you have any information regarding a possible methamphetamine laboratory, growing of marijuana, or other information about the distribution of narcotics, please contact your local law enforcement agency. You can call the following toll free numbers to reach the East Central Drug Task Force: 1-888-823-METH (6384) or 1-800-BAD-WEED (223-9333).  All callers have the option of remaining anonymous.