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Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 3:05 pm

by County Clerk

Bob Kirkpatrick


Please be a prepared voter on Nov. 6.

In this week’s paper, copies of the official ballots and the Fair Ballot Language for Propositions A,B, and E and Constitutional Amendment No. 3 are printed for review.

We strongly encourage readers to take time to read over the ballot and the Amendment and Propositions ahead of time.  Absentee voters who have not familiarized themselves with the ballot are taking about seven to ten minutes to vote their choices.

Absentee voters who have reviewed the ballot usually take about a minute to complete their ballot.  The greater the number of voters who have studied their choices ahead of time, the less time they and others may have to spend waiting to vote.

Please do not ask the election workers at the polling place to explain the amendment and proposition.  They have been instructed not to try and explain these issues as they expect to be quite busy and do not want to confuse or mislead any voter.

Reminder for Precincts B and C 

As was done at the August Primary, both Precincts B and C will vote at the Elks Lodge in Louisiana.  As one enters, they are instructed to look for the signage for their precinct.

A Word about Exit Polling at the Polling Place

One may or may not have a person doing exit polling at the voting location. Remember, voters are not required to visit with them and are not required to discuss how they voted on any election issue.  Whether they choose to participate is their choice.

The Voter’s  Identification is Required

Approved forms of voter identification include the voter id card, Missouri Drivers License with current address on it, military id, utility bill with the name and current address on it.

No Advertisement for Candidate, Party or Issue can be Worn Inside the Polls

Please be courteous with other voters.  If someone are supporting a candidate or an issue outside the polling place, remember that they cannot impede the normal entry way and cannot speak to people or hand out campaign literature within 25 feet of the outside door of the polling place.