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Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 12:50 pm

2014 USDA Crop Reporting Deadlines


While it might seem odd to be discussing crop reports for 2014 when we haven’t even finished 2013 yet and do not have a 2014 Farm Bill, there are some important changes to note under existing farm legislation.  Under current rules, next year’s work starts this year and we wanted everyone to have plenty of opportunity to become familiar with the changes.

For the crop year 2014, all acres intended for hay and grazing in 2014 must be reported before Nov. 15, 2013 to avoid late fees of $46 per farm.

Also, all wheat and fall-seeded small grains planted this fall for harvest in 2014 must be reported before Dec. 15, 2013.  Again, the late fee will be $46 per farm will be assessed on all farms not timely reported.

These date changes are intended to align with reporting deadlines of crop insurance.

These changes were actually effective for 2012 but we were given waivers for a variety of reasons.  We do not expect another waiver for 2014 at this time.

Producers are always welcome to contact the office if you have any questions.  You can call 573-324-3313 or stop at the office at 1220 Business 61 South in Bowling Green, or email at