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February is American Heart Month

February is American Heart month. It is this time of the year we want to celebrate all great things related to healthy heart and encourage everyone to become a little more heart healthier. Our heart is a very important organ within our body and we need to keep it happy and functioning like a well-oiled machine. Through eating right, exercise and living a stress-free life, we can extend the life of our hearts and bodies.We all want to see our grandchildren grow up and learn new things, watch them walk across the stage to graduate and have families of their own. All of this can be possible with a few right choices throughout our every day. Do you drive around for five extra minutes looking for that close parking space to the grocery store? Maybe park in the back of the lot and walk in. Not only have you increased your steps for the day, but you also had to push that heavy cart back to your vehicle! Take the stairs instead of using the elevator. You may realize you will get to your destination faster than you would have had you searched for the easy route. Maybe replace one drink a day with a bottle of water. For some of us, the thought of drinking 8 cups of water could be unbearable. So let’s take it one small baby step at a time and just drink one extra cup today. Maybe choose a salad for lunch just one day a week. Do you eat one salad a week now? Maybe next week you can have two salads! Even with our busy lifestyles we need to take time to add a few heart-healthy changes to our day, so that we will be there for another day tomorrow.

By adding in a few extra choices we are keeping our heart healthy and living a healthier lifestyle.
In celebration of American Heart Month, Pike County Health Department will be offering CPR and First Aid classes. CPR and First Aid could be the difference of being here tomorrow or not. By educating more of the public we are increasing our chances of survival in the event of a cardiac arrest. Starting chest compressions within the first 10 seconds of a cardiac arrest and notifying emergency services is crucial to recovery. – Robyn Orf, LPN, Certified CPR & First Aid Trainer
Pike County Health Department offers CPR and First Aid classes throughout the entire year. Feel free to call and register for a class. Below is a list of the classes being offered in February located at our office in the Community Conference Room (side entrance).
February 13th American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR starting at 8:30 AM.
February 13th American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid starting at Noon.
February 16th American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers starting at 8:30 AM.