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Frankford Council Taking Action On Former Grocery Building

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 3:30 pm

By Ethan Colbert

Citing continuing public safety concerns, the members of the Frankford City Council agreed last week to take steps for the city to assume ownership and demolish a building located at 210 North Main Street in Frankford.
“People are concerned that it is going to fall over on somebody,” Marilyn Frazer said during the meeting, which was held in the Frankford City Hall building. Frazer is the Frankford City Clerk.
Sharing Frazer’s concern was Frankford Council member Eddie Heffner.
“Bricks are falling out into the street,” Heffner said. “Something needs to be done.”
The one story building has been the home to several grocers in the Frankford community, including Edgar Fields, who was the proprietor of Fields & Sons grocery and J.E. “Bogue” Megown, and Ione Fields Megown, who operated a joint grocery store and funeral home from this location.
In later years, Billy Jack McMillen, Tom Brown, and Mac and Judy Marshall operated grocery stores in this location.
Two years ago, the owners of the property removed the wooden beams and the roof later collapsed.
Today, only three of the exterior walls remain standing and city officials are concerned that as the building continues to collapse that the building’s exterior walls may fall on someone.
“Our concern is that with Park Days coming up that people will set there and that it will fall down,” Gale Frolos said during Monday’s meeting of the Pike County Commission. Frolos attended the meeting on behalf of the Frankford City Council and asked the county commission what the process was for the county to forgive, or write off, the back taxes owed on the property.
“The building is unsafe and we want to get it down,” Frolos said.
According to Pike County Collector Marty Morrison, the property has unpaid county property taxes of $636. There are also additional penalties and fees.
Morrison said that she has attempted to sell the property on the courthouse steps for the previous three years but no one has bid on the property, which is valued at $2,620 according to Pike County Assessor Donna Prior.

With broken windows, a collapsed roof, and damaged walls, the Frankford City Council has deemed this building at 210 North Main Street as dangerous to public safety. The city’s council decided last week to begin to take steps to assume ownership of the building and to demolish it.