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Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 2:06 pm

By Roger Colbert, Pike County Executive Director, Missouri USDA/FSA


2014 USDA Crop Reporting Deadlines Extended

Due to multiple factors, some crop reporting deadlines have been extended.

Under the new guidelines, a late-filed fee will not be assessed for any 2014 crop with a normal final reporting date between Oct. 1, and Dec. 31. This exception will be in effect until Jan. 15, 2014 after which late-file provisions will apply. For us, this would apply to hay/graze and wheat.

Example: A producer comes to office Nov. 18 to report hay and pasture for 2014. The normal final reporting date is Nov. 15 therefore it is a late-filed crop report. Due to the above exception a late-filed fee will not be assessed. If the same producer waited until Jan. 16, 2014 to report hay and pasture for 2014, late-filed provisions would apply and late-filed fees would be assessed.  Similarly, a wheat report had been due before Dec. 15.  Under the new scenario, as long as the wheat is reported before Jan. 16, 2014, no late fee will be assessed.

Starting Jan. 16, 2014 late fees of $46 per farm will be assessed for wheat or hay/graze reports.

Producers are always welcome to contact the office if you have any questions.  You can call 573-324-3313 or stop at the office at 1220 Business 61 South in Bowling Green, or email at