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“God’s ways are best”

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 2:22 pm

by Pastor

Robert Warren, Church of the Nazarene


Psalm 25:10- “All the ways of the Lord are loving…”

I could hardly believe my ears.  The person being asked their opinion from the panel on Fox News made the comment that “churches have felt it necessary to come out in support of gay marriage” (or something close to that).  Now I know that the Pastor’s column in the newspaper is a difficult forum to address such an issue, in 708 words.  But at the risk of being mischaracterized I am going to take a stab at it.

But before I do, a little more setting of the stage might be in order.  Why do I feel the need to address this?  Shouldn’t I just do it in my church?  Well, news people can address it, politicians can address it, but it seems like God forbid a pastor address it publically (unless they take the politically correct line).

The Bible is clear that engaging in homosexuality is wrong in the God’s view.  That does not mean God or Christians hate homosexuals, any more than God or Christians hate others who engage freely in a whole plethora of sins.  It is not consistent with Christianity to hate anyone, but to love.  And the highest form of love to a Christian is to stand for God’s views on things and help others come to that view, if possible.  God is love, and the things He lays out for us as right or wrong are for our ultimate good, whether we see it or not.

Just so the toes of others are metaphorically stepped on equally, I would not single out homosexuality.  Teenage and adult promiscuity (being single but having sex outside of marriage) is wrong in God’s view; adultery, which is sexual relations outside of the bonds of holy matrimony when one is married to another is wrong in God’s view; the New Testament teachings about marriage also rule out polygamy, and divorce without scripturally justifiable cause is wrong in the sight of God.

So is this all just about God prohibiting all the fun stuff, or preachers just loving to pound a bunch of do’s and don’ts?  I’d love to have you get to know God, and preachers of my ilk, a little better.  It is about a loving heavenly Father giving us free will.  He desires a loving relationship with you, but it is not real love if He makes us love Him; therefore we really get to choose.  But remember,  He being the designer knows how things work best according to how they are created, and He loved us enough to send us a guidebook (the Bible).

Who can honestly say that a stable home with a mother and father who love each other, and in the context of that loving, godly home bear and rear children is not the ideal plan?  And who can honestly say with STD’s at epidemic levels (it is not being reported very well to keep the false illusion of consequence free promiscuity) that being devoted to one partner for life is not best?  And who can honestly say that a lot of the emotional, psychological and relational damage that people deal with is not due to serial physical relationships that have been invested in to varying degrees and that have become fractured?

All I wish to say is, God’s plan is best.  And due to a number of circumstances these days, by the time we realize it we have veered so far from it.  But the good news is, that is why Christ Jesus came!  Through His redemption the past is forgiven if we will repent and our heart cleansed, and we get a clean slate in His eyes to go from.  And He offers His help through His Holy Spirit, and His Word if we will read it, and churches if we will go to them, and pastors if we will give them a chance.

Oh and just in case you are thinking it: me perfect or holier than thou?  Not a chance- but I am redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and changed from what I was and could have been by God’s help and amazing grace.  You can be too—one step at a time!

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