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Haw Creek members learn about Polynesian life style

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 3:47 pm

By Dorothy McCarthy


The Haw Creek Friendly Neighbors Club was hosted by Mary Ellen Salsman at the Hannibal Nutrition Center on Wednesday Nov. 7.

Danny Epperson gave the dinner blessing and waited on the ladies at their tables.

President Frankie Epperson called the meeting to order with the pledges to the flag and the State of Missouri.

Myrna Schuette read her devotion “Another Day.” Louise Miller led the members in singing “Button up your Overcoat,” the perfect song for the cold day we were expecting.

Happy Birthday was sung to Dorothy Flowers. Roll call was “What are you  most thankful for?

Schuette read the minutes and Brenda Cook gave the treasury report.

President Epperson swore in the new officers for 2013. Brenda Cook and Leah Epperson – Presidents, Myrna Schuette – Secretary and Diane Miller – Assistant Secretary, Brenda Cook – Treasurer, Dorothy McCarthy – Reporter.

Prayer requests were made for: Mary Ellen Salsman, Abbi Lucas, and Sonny Epperson.

The program “The Samoa Islands” was given by McCarthy. She told of the Polynesian life style of her daughter-in-law, Leata Patisepa Ioapo (Sepa) McCarthy, lived before she came to California.

Articles shown were a Lava Lava wrap around skirt, MooMoo – a dress, a purse, and a Fala mat, (the large mat was used for sitting on while eating or sleeping on at night) both made from large tree leaves, dried cut into strips and dyed to weave into objects. Sepa’s father was Fa’i Fa’i Ioapa, High Chief of the whole village.

The meeting closed with the Club Collect. Dorothy Adams had the game, most words taken from “Turkey Dinner” was won by Nannie Elder, Miller, and Schuette.

The Dec. 5 Christmas meeting will be held at the Frankford Presbyterian Church, hosted by Schuette and McCarthy.

Others attending were: Pam Hendrell, Lola Jennings, Maxine Macaulay, Roxie McMillen and little guest Hayden Buchanan.