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Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 3:30 pm

Inaugural Rhythm in the Park featured wide variety of musicians

By Ethan Colbert

Under the shaded canopy of tall oak and elm trees, Bowling Green area residents flocked to the City Park on Court Street for the inaugural edition of Rhythm in the Park on Saturday.
The day-long music festival was organized by the City of Bowling Green’s Parks and Recreation Department and the city’s Park Board.
As the opening act took the stage, event organizers Kim Holmes and Dena Conners said they knew the event would be a success.
“I think this is a great event,” Holmes said in an interview. “No where else can you get free live music like this in Pike County.”
Musicians performing at the event included: Catfish Willy, Jake Shafer, Soultonique, Joey Wray, Alex Reyna, and Mike Moore.
The musicians played songs ranging in genre from classic country to pop songs from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.
In her interview, Holmes said that she loved having the variety of music and loved hearing how attendees were drawn to festival after hearing the music from their homes.
“That was our goal,” Holmes said. “This was a great opportunity for Bowling Green, for Pike County, and for our Parks Department to have local people coming in and playing great music that people like to listen to.”
Conners said she appreciated surveying the crowd and seeing both young families with children in strollers and elderly enjoying the music.
She added that she hopes the younger generation of Bowling Green’s families will continue to be involved and engaged with the events being hosted in the park.
Holmes agreed.
“We don’t want to lose our young people to the communities, the larger towns, that are around us,” Holmes said. “If we can offer something here in Bowling Green that appeals to multi-generations, I think that is such a benefit for our community.”
The success of Saturday’s Rhythm in the Park event has organizers already planning for next year’s event.
“The more people that we get to come to these types of events, the more often that we will be able to host them,” Holmes said. “The more people we will be able to draw people into Bowling Green the better because they will be able to see how great our community is.”

Bowling Green native Joey Ringhausen, who currently lives in Nashville and performs under his stage name of Joey Wray, was one of the performers at this year’s Rhythm in the Park festival. The day-long music festival was held on Saturday at the City Park on Court Street. The event was organized by the City of Bowling Green’s Parks and Recreation Department and the city’s Park Board.

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