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HNB celebrates 125th anniversary

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 1:29 pm

John D. Zimmer, president and CEO of HNB National Bank, is pleased to announce the banks 125th anniversary on May 28.

“The 125th year anniversary of HNB is quite an accomplishment,” said Zimmer.  “We want to celebrate this milestone with all of our customers and the communities we serve.”

HNB National Bank will kick off their anniversary celebration at the Bowling Green facility, located at 700 Bus. Hwy. 61 S., in June.  The celebration also coincides with the facilities’ 15th anniversary.  On Thursday, June 13, the branch will be having a cake and ice cream social for customers from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.  Then, on Friday, June 14, the facility will be hosting a cookout, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., for customers, as well.

HNB National Bank, formerly known as Hannibal National Bank, was originally organized as the Bank of Hannibal on May 28, 1888.  On February 18, 1903, after applying and qualifying as a national bank, the Federal Comptroller of the Currency approved and issued a charter in its new name of Hannibal National Bank located at 100 North Main St. in Hannibal.

Under the guidance of the banks first president, S. M. Carter, and nine prominent community leaders, the bank prospered and thrived.  A new building was constructed during the summer and fall of 1889.

The bank had some of the newest innovations of the time; a restroom for employees, electricity, and water under pressure.  When the bank was completed it was arguably one of the most recognizable buildings in the city.

Hannibal National Bank continued to grow in financial strength and popularity in the1900’s.  The bank was also “invested” in the well-being of the community.  This is an attitude that continues to this day.

S. M. Carter continued to serve as president of Hannibal National Bank until his death in 1920.  At that time, he was the oldest bank president in Missouri and was very well known throughout the state.  He had served for 32 years.

W. B. Pettibone became president of the board of directors after Carter’s death.   Pettibone died in 1946 and was succeeded by his nephew, W. N. Pettibone.

Walter L. Weaver was then appointed cashier and CEO.  He continued to serve in that position until his son, E. Morton Weaver, was appointed cashier and CEO in 1958.  In 1972, Morton’s title was changed to president and CEO.  He was well known and well respected in the community of Hannibal and served in that capacity until his death in 1987.

Jerry Trower was then appointed president and CEO and served until early 2002.  In 1993, Hannibal National Bank opened a facility, HNB North, located at 2903 Palmyra Road in Hannibal.  In 1995, another facility, HNB Palmyra, located at 203 S. Main St. in Palmyra was opened.

Hannibal native, Ronald B. Verdier was appointed president and CEO in March, 2002.  Under his leadership, Hannibal National Bank applied to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and was granted permission to change its name from Hannibal National Bank to HNB National Bank.

Two additional HNB National Bank facilities were then opened, HNB Troy located at 114 N. Lincoln Dr. in Troy and HNB Wentzville located at 1977 Wentzville Parkway in Wentzville, for a total of five HNB National Bank facilities.

In 2008, Perry State Bank merged their five facilities into the bank under the name of HNB National Bank.  The union of the two banks created a total of ten banking facilities in the Missouri towns of Hannibal, Palmyra, Monroe City, Perry, Bowling Green, Troy, and Wentzville.  president and CEO, Ronald B. Verdier, retired in December, 2011.

At this time, John D. Zimmer was then appointed president and CEO.   HNB National Bank then acquired a banking facility in St. Joseph and another in Savannah, making a total of 12 banking facilities in nine Missouri communities.

“As you can see by our rich history, HNB National Bank has deep roots in Hannibal as well as the other communities which we serve.  Throughout the years we remained strong, stable, and secure enabling us to meet the changing financial needs of our customers,” Zimmer said.  “But, even with our growth, we haven’t lost the personal touch with our customers.  I believe the commitment to our customers and their needs has helped us reach this historic milestone and we trust that this same commitment will carry us forward another 125 years”.