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Holiday Miracle Project-Community steps up to help others

Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Donations have been flowing in for the Holiday Miracle Project sponsored by the Bowling Green Times.

Ten families from around Pike County have been selected to receive donations and gifts for Christmas. These families have endured hardship throughout the year and will greatly appreciate the help from the community.

Following is the final list of donations brought in by supporters.


Family 1

This family has received the donation of a blue medium shirt, two bags of girl’s clothing, and $50 from Deter’s Sign Company and t-shirt shop.


Family 2

For this family, we have received a girl’s Christmas dress, boys’ jeans, other clothes for boy 1, a $25 Walmart gift card, as well as magic paint posters.


Family 3

For this family, we have received two $100 donations, two shirts for Mom, a Barney doll, a boy’s bike, socks, and three shirts for boy 1.

Family 4

Family 4 has been adopted by Santa’s Helpers; they have received clothes for a woman, and towels.


Family 5

This family has received youth medium sweatpants, small youth sweatpants, clothes for Dad, and clothes for a woman, including two pairs of jeans.


Family 6

For this family, donations have been received as a black shirt, a girl’s bike, pajamas, boots, jeans, sweater, and a t-shirt for girl 1 and girl 2, and two pairs of gloves.


Family 7

This family has been adopted by Santa’s Elves; donations received include a fleece pullover and jeans for Boy 1, a Disney brother bear DVD, two Lego City sets, and Madagascar DVD.


Family 8

This family has received jeans for Mom, a toy, coat, shirts, Find and Seek book, two monster trucks, a Tonka truck, two truck books, two sweatshirts, a pair of jeans, a fleece pullover shirt, two pairs of pants, and a shirt for the boy.


Family 9

For Family 9, items received include a stationary set, a girl’s bike, and a $100 donation.


Family 10

This family has been adopted by Cellular & Satellite in Bowling Green.


Other donations:

$300, anonymous

$50, anonymous

$30, anonymous

$100, anonymous

$500, Niemeyer Family Farms

$40, anonymous

Blankets, New Hartford Go-Getters

2 pony sets

Assorted clothing

Radio control car/batteries

Foam dart gun

Heated throw blanket

Mizzou dry-erase pad

2 toys

Assorted gift sets (toiletries, etc)


Everyone’s help and generosity is greatly appreciated.