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Horner and Klott out of summer sports for torn ACL

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Kelsey Horner and Ella Klott, BGHS juniors and Lady Cats varsity basketball players, will have to sit out the remainder of the basketball season as well as spring and summer sports.

Horner tore the ACL in her right leg during the Feb. 8 game at North Callaway. Klott tore the ligament in her leg during practice this past week.

One of North Callaway’s players hit Horner during the game, making contact with the outside of Horner’s left knee. According to the Lady Cat forward, her ankle buckled, causing her knee to pop sideways.

After an x-ray revealed that the junior has no broken bones, doctors scheduled an MRI to further investigate. Horner had the MRI completed this past Wednesday. This test confirmed that she had torn her ACL, one of the major ligaments in the knee, which connects at the center of the joint.

Horner noted that, due to the swelling in her knee, she will have to wait three weeks before surgery. Following surgery, she will be out of both spring and summer sports. She will have to endure several months of physical therapy and keeping the leg in a brace.

Klott was injured during a routine practice at BGHS last Thursday. She explained that as she went to steal the ball during a routine scrimmage, all of her weight shifted onto her right knee and the joint seemed to lock. The player spent a few minutes on the bench to assess her pain and determine if she thought she could continue to play. She went back in and felt her knee “slip.” When she took another step, her knee completely gave out.

A local doctor confirmed that the player had torn something in her knee, but couldn’t confirm what. Klott and her mother made a trip to Columbia Friday for an MRI. Saturday, the doctor contacted them and confirmed that Klott had completely torn her ACL.

This injury will leave her out of summer sports, as well as affecting her ability to play volleyball her senior year; a sport that she is quite passionate about.

Word to the wise Lady Cats: Watch your knees.