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Illini West beats Lady Cats at QND Superfan Shootout

Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 1:03 pm

The Lady Cats travelled to Quincy Notre Dame Saturday for their annual Superfan Shootout. Bowling Green’s girls were paired against the state-ranked Illini West, a match which ultimately led to the Lady Cats’ demise at 44-28.

“We fell short against a very tough Illini West team,” head coach Bryan Keim said. “They played the second toughest defense we’ve seen all year.”

Despite senior Tara Schuckenbrock’s lead on Bowling Green’s offense, the Lady Cats couldn’t pull off a win against Illini’s tough defense.

“They did a great job of defending the basketball and disrupting our timing on offense,” the coach added. “They made it very difficult for us to get anything going offensively.”

Schuckenbrock led the pack for the Lady Cats’ offensively, scoring 13 points. She also tallied five total rebounds and one steal.

Also rallying for the effort were Harli Lindsay, who scored four points and grabbed four total rebounds, Kaycee Sutton, with four points and two rebounds, and Tori Nichols, who added two points and one rebound.

The Lady Cats claimed a total of 19 rebounds and two steals. The girls made 57 percent of their free throws and 50 percent of their field goals.

“We learned a lot from this game and will continue to work on and correct our mistakes,” said Keim. “We still have a great opportunity to win our conference so that is our focus from here on out.”