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    National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

    Brought to you by Pike County Health Department, Home Health and Hospice October of each year is dedicated to bringing awareness about medicine abuse. In this article we will focus on teen medicine abuse. The medicine abuse problem: Each generation of kids looks for new ways to get high.... Read more

    Suicide Awareness Month

    Suicide! It is such a scary word, one that is often avoided or danced around. Maybe it is because we do not understand, we do not know what to do, it makes us uncomfortable, or we have been affected by a loss and have difficulties coping with our emotions.... Read more

    August 1-7 is Breastfeeding Week

    World Breastfeeding Week takes place August 1-7 along with National Breastfeeding Month. Breastfeeding plays an important role in the health of our community. Breast milk provides essential nutrition for the infant and supports a healthy body throughout a lifetime! Along with essential nutrients like fat and carbohydrates, breast milk... Read more

    Sunny with a Chance of Heat Stroke

    Courtesy of Missouri Health Department Missourians suffer from heat related illnesses, with some cases resulting in death. Who is at risk? The elderly, infants and young children, people working outdoors, people living with chronic medical conditions, the homeless and the poor, people taking certain medications, and athletes are most... Read more

    Spring Cleaning, Not Just for Your Closet

    From a device spanning the size of a room to cell phones small enough to fit inside a pocket, technology has come a long way. It seems the world is at the finger tips of anyone with access to it. Families and friends can now communicate in a matter of... Read more