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“Jesus Revealed”

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Read:  Isaiah 53: 1-9 As we prepare our hearts for the Easter season, we can’t help but think of Isaiah’s prophecy about Jesus.

History records both the good and the bad deeds of humanity.  Accounts have shown again and again the hatred that exists among people.  Isaiah called it all the way.

We are shocked when we read the past accounts of war, both on the battlefield and in the P.O.W. camps.  Who could forget the holocaust?

People show hatred in one on one situations.  What do you suppose hateful people would do if they could attack God himself?  I think we know.  I’m not sure that the hatred of the Jews by the Germans even comes close to the hatred displayed by the Romans and all of mankind against Jesus, the Son of God.

People killing people is evil enough by itself.

People trying to kill God is even more evil.  Look at 4 facets of Jesus death on the cross and see what it revealed

The first revelation we see is the hell in humanity or The Sin of Men if you will.

Jesus being crucified by man is a horrible thing.  We can’t just blame the Romans, they were a reflection of the people of all times.

There has always been rebellion against God.  It started with Lucifer and the angels that rebelled against God.  Adam and Eve, Jonah ran and tried to hide.  The First Century people killed Jesus and you and I, well, we do have our rebellious days too don’t we?  But the final act of the ones that physically killed Jesus shows the real evil in our hearts.

Take the chief priests that instigated the death of Jesus.  They were filled with jealousy.

How about Judas?  A friend that sold Jesus out for a few crummy dollars.

Then how about the mob?  The world says if the majority says it’s right, then it must be right.  Crucify Him was their cry.  It shows the real hatred in their lives.

The death of Jesus also displayed the holiness of Christ.  When you think about the death of Christ and think about some of the comments the chief players made, you wonder how He was crucified.  For example,

The Pharisees watched Jesus day and night and they arrested him for eating with publicans and sinners.

Then Pilate the legalist said, I find no fault with this man.

Then later on Judas remarks, I have betrayed innocent blood.

The repentant thief on the cross makes a death bed confession that this man did nothing deserving death.

The centurion, this soldier remarks, “Truly this was the Son of God.”  He was the executioner.

Each reveals the holiness of Christ and yet they still crucified Him.

The death of Jesus not only revealed the hell and the holiness of Christ; it also showed some happiness.

Barrabas was set free.  He was happy.  Pilate asked who should we set free, this innocent man or the murderers – you probably know the rest.

Jesus was released of pain and suffering.  He no doubt was happy to go where we are one day going.  Home to heaven to be with our Father.

The world was spiritually happy because now we have access to eternity with Christ.  We may be enslaved to sin but thank you Lord for your saving grace!!

Finally, the Death of Jesus also revealed the honor of God.  Jesus death on the cross brought to light the honor and glory that was due to a hold God.  He gave His Son for us, and that’s why He should receive the glory.

Jesus was glorified, He was about to do something that no one else could do.

God is glorified.  Christians would give God glory because of Jesus’ obedience to go to the cross.

Even humanity is glorified.  When Christians unite with Christ’s death and resurrection, they also share in His glory.

There are many things Jesus death revealed to us but the greatest of these is the way of salvation.  Through His death and resurrection, our death to ourselves means we too shall live again.

Are you ready to meet Jesus face to face?  Let me challenge you to visit one of our great churches in Pike County and see for yourself the greatness of God and the great love and forgiveness.  He wants to share it ALL with you !!

God Bless! Don