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Jim Hansen’s Capitol report

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Things have really picked up here at the Capitol.  I wasn’t sure how I could get any busier but early mornings and late nights have certainly proved me wrong.  Recently we didn’t get off the House floor until midnight.  Even with all of this, and thoughts of “Aren’t I retired?”, I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to serve the people of the State.  I am very blessed to be working on behalf of the 40th District.


Department of Revenue—An update


It seems every day more and more information related to the scanning and sharing of Missourians CCW information is being revealed.  Unfortunately, many news outlets have refused to cover what is one of the most important issues we are currently dealing with.

We now know that the Department of Revenue and the Highway Patrol have released the entire list of Missourians with CCW permits—the Highway Patrol recently admitted to releasing this information to the Federal Government twice.

We are working hard to figure out exactly what has been going on and who is responsible.  We are giving this issue a considerable amount of time and will work to ensure that proper actions are taken and people are being held accountable.  Governor Nixon has still refused to address this issue and says he knows nothing about it.




A lot of attention has been given to agriculture this session and we are working hard on behalf of our farmers and Missourians all around the state.  Much of this attention has led to my committee on Emerging Issues in Agriculture being front and center in policy debates.

One topic of discussion has been the new Federal food program for school lunches.  This program requires all students to be given the same amount of food.  It is hardly fair that a football player, for example, is being served the same amount of food as a student half their size.  Student athletes need more carbohydrates and proteins to help get them through their day which often includes two intense practices.  Athletes aren’t the only ones either.  This is just another example of an overreaching government with a “one size fits all” type of program.


Legislation Spotlight


HB 322: Allows the insurance identification card that contains proof of insurance information for a motor vehicle and certain policies and endorsements to be available electronically. (Have you ever wished you could just show someone via your smartphone instead of having to find that single-issued paper card?)

HB 468: Gives sheriffs or any other law enforcement officer immunity from any liability, civil or criminal, while conducting service of process at the direction of any court to the extent that the officer’s actions do not violate clearly established statutory or constitutional rights that a reasonable person would have known.

HB 787: Prohibits the Department of Revenue from retaining copies of source documents used to obtain driver’s licenses and non-driver’s licenses (PASSED the House)

HB589: Changes the laws regarding sexual offender registration and classification. (Sets up a three tier registration system based on the crime)

SB186:  Authorizes funeral establishments to release information to veterans’ service organizations for military burial and modifies provisions relating to the registering and issuance of death certificates