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Law enforcement, vets back local breeders against HSUS attack

Posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 1:16 pm

A local family who has recently been subjected to Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)  backlashing officially has the support of area law enforcement and longtime veterinarians.

Tom and Debra Ritter, owners of Cornerstone Farms and successful dog breeders, have been accused by the HSUS as being a “problem puppy dealer,” a title which they and local officials were quick to denounce.

These accusations were promptly defended by not only the business owners, but also Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte and Dr. Terry Newton, of the Bowling Green Veterinary Clinic.

The Ritters told the Times earlier this month that the falsified allegations stem from a personal attack on them and their family.

Sheriff Korte, who is familiar with the Ritters’ situation as well as their business, was eager to lay the rumors to rest.

He said he has been to the Cornerstone Farms facility and credits the exaggerated “issues” to an over-enthusiastic and agenda-driven HSUS.

“They’re (HSUS) against anybody raising any animals for profit,” Korte said, adding that he never noted any issues in his visits to the facility.

Dr. Newton, who has been a partner with Bowling Green Vet Clinic since 1973, says he has worked with the Ritters for “quite some time” and has never seen any unusual issues at the Cornerstone Farms facilities or with their puppies.

The rest of this story is available in this week’s Bowling Green Times.