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Local Chamber of Commerce hears report on downtown revitalization

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 3:33 pm

Local businessmen and businesswomen involved in the city’s Chamber of Commerce heard a report last week from Marianne Everhart, who is helping spearhead the local business organization’s efforts for downtown revitalization.
“For those that are not familiar with what this downtown revitalization group and what we are doing, our focus at this point is to help bring businesses back to the downtown square and the surrounding area,” Everhart said during the March meeting of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce. “We would also like to help save the buildings on the Square that can be saved.”
Everhart also informed the attendees that the committee would be releasing a survey to area businessmen and businesswomen in the coming weeks.
According to Everhart, the surveys will be used to assess what the exact needs of the city’s downtown business community.
“Our feelings right now are that the Square is the true heart of our community,” Everhart said. The surveys will be asking business owners about their long range goals for their properties and anticipated remodeling and redevelopment work. The surveys will also ask about any suggestions regarding future events that the Chamber of Commerce can host downtown. “We would like to help find things that will bring people downtown, because the more time that people spend downtown, the better off we all are.”
Everhart said that once the group has accomplished its goal for the downtown area, the group will turn its focus to other neighborhoods within the city.
“It is going to be a very long process, and we are just getting started, but we are excited about the work that is ahead of us and we are determined to see it through.”
As she ended her remarks, Everhart said she hoped that the people of the Bowling Green community would be supportive of this effort.
“Having a strong downtown is not just a good thing for our Chamber of Commerce, but it is a good thing for our hospital, our schools, and our health department because we will be generating more sales tax dollars for those groups,” Everhart said. “So if someone has an idea, and at this point there are no bad ideas, we would like to hear them.”
The next meeting of the Downtown Revitalization Committee is scheduled for April 6 at 5 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Bowling Green Community Center, located at 201 W. Locust Street.
All are invited to attend.