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Local Landfill Seeks Expansion

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 3:30 pm

By Ethan Colbert

The Eagle Ridge Landfill located east of Bowling Green will nearly triple in size, if a potential expansion plan is approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
According to company spokeswoman, Mary O’Brien the landfill will grow from 58 acres to 184 acres of permitted space. A copy of the company’s plans are available for viewing at the City of Bowling Green’s Public Library, located at 201 West Locust Street.
“We are nearing capacity and are concerned that we soon will not be able to meet the disposal needs of the communities that use the landfill,” O’Brien said in an interview. O’Brien later described the landfill as an important, but underappreciated infrastructure asset.
According to the previously mentioned company report, the landfill’s is 2079. However, O’Brien cautioned Tuesday morning that due to the volume of waste currently being accepted at Eagle Ridge Landfill the landfill is actually on pace to be at capacity much sooner than what is outlined in the report.
The expansion of the landfill will extend that lifespan by several decades.
“I think it is important for people to see landfills as the vital infrastructure asset that they are,” O’Brien said in a telephone interview from the company’s headquarters in Georgia. “Communities need a way to dispose of their waste in an environmentally safe way and that is what we provide.”

                                               -Photo Courtesy of Missouri Digital News Service
Heavy equipment is used to move and compact waste at a Missouri landfill. While the picture is not of Eagle Ridge Landfill, individuals familiar with the conditions of the local landfill say the conditions of the local landfill and the landfill pictured are similar. According to a legal notice published in the Bowling Green Times, the Eagle Ridge Landfill is seeking to expand by 126 acres of permitted space. This expansion will more than triple the size of the landfill.

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