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Local team walks for Autism

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 10:35 am

The 2012 Autism Speaks Walk was held in St. Louis on Oct. 13, with an estimated attendance of 25,000.

Most everyone at the gathering was able to participate in the walk.

Unfortunately, there was a small number of attendees that were unable to walk due to medical issues, but were still in proud attendance.

There were groups of people that were there to support a specific person diagnosed with autism, as well as autism itself.

Teams raised money, created clever shirt designs for the walk and bond with other teams.

Ericka Grant started a team for her son Brink. The team name was Brink’s Hijinks. The team’s goal was to raise $500. They raised $470 by online donations and other methods.

The Brink’s Hijinks team was comprised of many friends and family: Ericka Grant, Shane Jennings and their children; Traci Turnbull and her children; Melinda and Carle Brooks; Rebekka and Ashton Thornton; Sarah Hoffman; Logan Collins; Robyn and Kayleigh Johnson; Connie Smith; Elizabeth King; Chris and Beth Walraven and their three children; April Wilson and her son; Kim Raddatz and her daughter; Emmett Deacon; Liz McKinney.

Many others contributed through online fundraising.

Everyone on the team was surprised the crowd at the awareness walk was so big. The average time for everybody on the team to arrive at the walk was an hour and a half.

Grant said she felt honored that there were so many people that loved and cared for Brink and the cause.

She, and many others, were exhausted after the walk, but had a great time walking for autism.


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