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Minister’s Message – “Superhero or Super Natural Hero?”

Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 3:07 pm

by Keith Barnhart, Pastor Edgewood Baptist Church


Just about every kid has a period in their lives when they love superheroes. The kids idolize the superhero’s ability to do the impossible, to fly, their incredible strength or x-ray vision. When I was growing up, I loved superman. I wanted to be just like superman. I remember running around my house with my homemade cape. Whenever I saw a phone booth I wanted to go in and change into a superman costume. Superheroes are again becoming popular. New movies are coming out all the time about superheroes. They are so amazing because they can do such amazing things. A sad time for me came when I realized I could not be one of those superheroes, because it was impossible.

Sometimes I think that we read the Bible like we would read a comic book, or watch our favorite superheroes. We look at the amazing things some of the folks did in the Bible and are amazed by them, we even idolize their lives and their passion for God, but sometimes we see the people in the Bible as superheroes, whose super powers are impossible to match.

We read of some amazing things and some amazing people in the Bible. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that these were real people who really lived, and not just made up stories. These people had real struggles and real problems in life. They were just people like you and me putting their faith into practice utilizing God’s power. They were ordinary people with super character, but they didn’t have superhero powers to live better lives or do fantastic things. They are examples to us how to live our lives. When I read of people like Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, and Paul, I desire some things about them. I desire the closeness they had with God. They had a special relationship with God. They had a constant communication with Him. I envy what they accomplished with God’s power. It was amazing how God took these weak and imperfect individuals and do such amazing things through them and so greatly impact people. I desire their unswerving faith.

As we read of the key people in the Bible we can see that many of them differ in personality and specific roles that they were raised up for, but one thing is always the same: they had a strong faith. They trusted God when it didn’t make sense, when it wasn’t popular and when things were not going their way. They are legends that we are talking about thousands of years later because of the kind of faith that they had. I hope today that many of us read through the Bible and sometimes think, “That’s the type of person that I want to be” or “That is the type of faith that I would like to have.”

The bottom line is that we can have that type of faith and power. Jesus promised that we would be able to have a faith that could move mountains. We can have that type of relationship with God today. Sometimes we are way too easily satisfied with mediocrity in our faith. We are satisfied with being a casual Christian in name only. We are satisfied with our lack of commitment, excitement, or zeal. We are sometimes content to be uninvolved or lukewarm. I hope that you are not content where you are in your faith. I hope you want to be like some of the incredible people in the Bible and have faith and Holy Spirit power that can do amazing things.

God is calling you to another level in your spiritual journey. Sometimes we may get discouraged because what we’re doing for the Lord seems unsuccessful. The children in the Sunday School class we teach are restless and inattentive. The neighbors we’re trying to reach with the gospel are politely indifferent. The members of our own family are far from the Lord. The world we lift up to God in fervent intercession grows increasingly violent and anti-Christian. All of this can add up to deep soul-discouragement. We can’t be superheroes but with the power of the Holy Spirit we can be super natural heroes.