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My Thoughts by Amy Patterson

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 12:00 pm

In the last couple of years, since I’ve lived in Bowling Green, I have developed an undeniable sense of “hometown pride.”

Not only can I brag that I’m related to about 63 percent (just a rough estimation) of the people in the Bowling Green and larger Pike County area, but write the hometown paper. People know me and my husband, we have awesome friends and family, and we have a great homestead-in-the-making. I’ve discovered this to be a great feeling.

Nothing makes me more proud than to hear of the successes of those I care about (shout out to Emmie Schuck for the DAR award!), see neighbors being “neighborly” to one another, and learn of other’s pride in our town. Bowling Green has produced both of these.

Some may argue the fact that Bowling Green is not my hometown, I’m not a native, etc. That’s ok, I understand and agree. My hometown is Columbia, and I have just as much pride for that great town as I do BG.

However, it feels as though my love for this area is much more concentrated than what I feel for Columbia. I care for all of Bowling Green and each and every person that lives here. In Columbia, I’m partial to certain areas over others: I don’t much care for the Worley Street area, hate that Shakespeare’s built a new place on the west side of town, and only know my way around one Walmart.

Ok, sure, all of this is hunky-dorey, but there is one problem. Apparently I’m one of the few people that feel this way. I hear quite frequently of people talking about how “boring Bowling Green is”, how “they didn’t clear my snow fast enough”, and kids that can’t wait to leave the city limits and never look back.

Let’s be honest, our fair city is just that, pretty fair. We have a Walmart, what else can you ask for? You’re less than an hour away from St. Louis, how great is that? Oh, you’re craving Imo’s? Troy is 31 miles from here. Work with it. We have the best of both worlds: the closeness of a small town, all within driving distance of anything you could ever want.

I would like to see every single car in Bowling Green have a Bobcat sticker on the back. I want to have the biggest, rowdiest, most proud student section at each and every sports event (yes, that means Cross Country, too). I want people to boast that they get to live here, not condemn it because our Pizza Hut only has a few tables. Priorities, people!