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My Thoughts by Amy Patterson

Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Let me begin by apologizing for my lack of thoughts these last few weeks. Who knew the life of a newly married, recently 22-year-old lady could be so stressful and busy? Not this girl, that’s for sure – I had no idea.

Is it sad when you get excited to have a spare 10 minutes on a Wednesday night to vacuum your floor? Pretty sure my life in BG has turned me into an old person. I love me some AT&T TV commercials (you want more, you want more!) and some quiet R&R.

Regardless of what’s been going on or not. I love my readers, and I love the responses I get from random people all over town telling me how much they enjoy my column. Needless to say, I’ve been ridden with guilt from depriving you all of my juicy and thrilling “thoughts.” …So here goes…

How about this: instead of focusing the tax payer’s hard-earned money on welfare recipients who somehow still find a way to get a fresh set of acrylics and shiny new highlights every three weeks, why don’t we give the genuinely hard working individuals out there the little extra help they deserve?

Not to say that I’m one of these people, but in hopes of giving a solid example, consider this scenario: A newspaper reporter/editor and her cowboy husband want to celebrate their first anniversary by throwing a BBQ for their friends and family to gather in celebration. For weeks and weeks leading up to this occasion, the couple feasts on microwave popcorn and tap water (just kidding, it’s not really that bad).

Anywho – meanwhile, this reporter girl has the opportunity to visit a local “hot spot” for the less-than-fortunate, and is surprised to see blingy jewelry, fresh fake nails, and impeccably colored locks sitting atop the heads of these “poor people.”

The last time this writer-girl got her hair touched by a Pro was months ago. As for her finger nails? Manicure before her wedding a year ago. Not. Cool. People!

I’m not saying that the folks receiving a little extra assistance don’t need it, but I do find it ironic that they can find the spare change to afford these luxuries (yes, they are, in fact, not completely necessary for every day life), and some people have to make the decision between going grocery shopping for their families or buying hay for their cattle.

Makes you wonder if you’re in the wrong industry… Maybe colleges should offer classes on how to rip off the system and squeeze every last bit of generosity out of the government.

Then again, maybe not.

I think the blue collar, Bowling Green-esque ones of us that are left in the world should keep on keepin’ on, and keep our noses to the grindstone. Although I am a baptized Catholic, I cannot deny the presence of Karma in the world. I firmly believe the good ones get paid off and the bad ones get what they deserve. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer than  we might like. Stay strong, folks — we’re tougher than they are, and we don’t have to worry about breaking a nail.