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My Thoughts by Amy Patterson

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Not everyone holds the same affection for the western lifestyle and horsemanship as I do. If you are one of those people that “just doesn’t get it,” please feel free to stop reading now; this column is probably not for you. But then again, maybe it is; maybe you can translate these feelings to something you hold dear.


When I Am An Old


(Author Unknown)


I shall wear turquoise and diamonds

And a straw hat that doesn’t suit me,

And I shall spend my social security on white wine and carrots

And sit in my alleyway of my barn

And listen to my horses breathe

I will sneak out in the middle of a summer night

And ride the old bay gelding

Across the moonstruck meadow

If my old bones will allow

And when people come to call, I will smile and nod

As I walk past the gardens to the barn

And show instead the flowers growing

Inside stalls fresh-lined with straw.

I will shovel and sweat and wear hay in my hair

As if it were a jewel

And I will be an embarrassment to all

Who will not yet have found the peace in being free

To have a horse as a best friend

A friend who waits at midnight hour

With muzzle and nicker and patient eyes

For the kind of woman I will be

When I am old.


Now, let me get one thing straight: I do not consider our horses “friends.” I am not the girl that has pictures taken from the saddle captioned “happiest place on earth.” Sometimes I want to kill my horses! Sometimes they do everything that you don’t ask them to and nothing that you do.

However, some of my happiest memories have taken place on a horse. A sweet-heart relationship budded into a marriage, one which I hold in the highest esteem, on the back of a horse.

My challenge for you is this: find your passion, and find it as quickly as possible. There is no worse feeling than knowing exactly how much time you’ve wasted not doing exactly what makes you happy.

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