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Mystery continues to shroud BGHS mascot roots

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 2:07 pm


It all started when someone asked a question about the origins of the Bobcat being the school mascot at the BGHS Alumni Banquet in October and it has been perplexing area history buffs ever since.

A curious alumnus asked leaders within the Alumni Association what exactly the connection between the school district and the decision to make it the mascot of the athletics teams. This particular alumnus also would like to know when the school district adopted the Bobcat as its mascot.

Since October many alumni have turned to local history books and older relatives for answers, while others gave up the search and just committed the question to one of life’s many mysteries. Still some turned to the archives of the Bowling Green Times and into the yearbooks of BGHS, The Speaker, for information regarding the origin of the mascot.

What has been uncovered so far in this search for answers is very little and it is the hope that by publishing this article with the information known that it may refresh a readers’ memory and lead to more answers.

The first mention of athletics for BGHS can be found in the earliest copy of The Speaker of 1917 in the school district’s collection and those teams were referred to as the Men’s and Women’s teams of that school year. Other than a few brief paragraphs regarding their season and a roster, there is little to no information about the teams.

The 1917 Speaker reads as follows: “The athletics activities of the year consisted of basketball, baseball, and tennis. The basketball season opened the latter part of September and closed the first of March. During the months of October and November and all games were played on an open court, during which both the teams won all their games. The months of December, January and February were devoted to indoor basketball, and as usual the teams made enviable records.”

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The 1918 BGHS men’s basketball team.

The 1918 BGHS men’s basketball team.