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“Not in My Dad’s Back Yard”

Posted on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Just call me old fashioned, out of touch, not in sync, whatever… but I do not think the main issue in today’s upside down culture is gay marriage, nor evolution versus intelligent design, no not even abortion versus life…  do I have your attention yet?

Maybe I should lay some preliminary groundwork for this article by first giving away my age.

My childhood and teen years encompassed the 1960s and the 70s.

If Chicken Little would have lived during that era he would have said that “The sky is falling!” was an understatement… everything was up for grabs, and it transformed America into what you see today, a post-modern wasteland.

Beginning in about 1962 the Church allowed one woman to decimate the classrooms of an entire nation and replace God with the Supreme Court when prayer and the Bible were taken out of public schools.

With the basis for all moral and ethical law gone, it was only a small step for us to take when in 1973 we approved the killing of our unborn children.

And by 1980, why… we just could not have the 10 commandments hang where children might read them, because then they might obey them… right?

Yes it was a very reassuring time to grow up.  It was a testimony to God’s amazing grace and mercy that as a young man in 1981, I came to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ in spite of the Vietnam War era rebellion of my generation against God.

So what is the main issue?  “Get to the point” you might be thinking about now…  would you indulge me and put up with a story from my unregenerate youth?

I am a baby-boomer and so I can remember when city streets in suburban America were packed with kids, and that was certainly the case in 1969 when this event took place in our typical middle-class American subdivision.

The group of kids on our street ranged in age from about eight to fifteen years of age and I was eleven.

We were by no means little angels, our moms would have told you that… but we did have a neighborhood code of ethics of a sort.  There were some things you just did not do if you were a boy and wanted to remain healthy…  defacing your neighborhood buddy’s dad’s property was one of them, calling your buddy’s dad a liar was another…  either of these two infractions were an invitation to a tasty knuckle sandwich… if you were smart you were not a repeat offender.

Enter into the picture a gang of kids from another neighborhood that happened to hang out in the woods at the end of our street.  These woods were adjacent to my dad’s property, no big deal except these guys were pushing pot and other drugs.

Not satisfied with the woods they crossed a property line which happened to be my dad’s and tried to sell their wares on our street.

Well the kids on my street including myself decided enough was enough and we confronted the druggies at the edge of our property.  We were prepared to do whatever it took to defend the honor of our little neighborhood.

One phrase however proved enough to back them down and you have probably guessed what it was… “You are not doing that here, not in my dad’s backyard.”

We did not have to fight that day, the gang from the woods knew we meant business and simply receded back into the darkness of their own neighborhood complete with its lack of parental supervision.

At issue here is a culture and world that does not believe in a Heavenly Father and his ability to supervise, every man and woman is “doing what is right in their own eyes.”  But what is worse we do not see His own kids standing up for Him, His Word or His property.

The woods of the world are dark; we can expect that from their neighborhood, after all, the Bible clearly says that Satan is the god of this world’s system.

As Christians, we should know that, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”  Psalm 24:1.

Everything is our Dad’s property.  We should also know that His word is rock solid, “It is forever settled in the Heavens.” Psalm 119:89… And His character is impeccable; the Good Book says of Him “with whom there is neither variation nor shadow of turning.” James 1:17

We know who the original change agent was is and it was not God, but Satan himself… he has tried to change God’s word from the very beginning, even back to the Garden of Eden.

In stark contrast we see Jesus, who stated in John 18:37 that “To this end and for this cause came I into this world, that I should bear witness unto the truth, everyone that is of the truth heareth my voice.”

Jesus clearly cared about His Father’s integrity, do we…?

Companies like Hobby Lobby and Pro-life groups like Defenders of the Unborn prove by their conduct and actions that God is their Father.

If the rest of us claim to be His children the world might be wondering why we are silent and not moved to action when our Dad’s name, character and word are consistently called into question and challenged.

After all, theologically speaking, if God could change He would technically cease from being God.

Just a little food for thought…


Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Ron Kunzweiler, Dover Baptist

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