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Oats meeting and Christmas party

Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Oats meeting and Christmas party was held Nov. 12 at the Louisiana Nutrition site.

Chairperson, Willene Gamm led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jack Stumbaugh, bus driver, asked those wanting to see the Christmas lights to sign up that day.

Willene was presented with a gift for her years of service as chairperson, by Donna McMahan, the elected chairperson Jan. 23 at the next meeting, at the Louisiana Nutrition site.

Bingo games were played and enjoyed by all, with prizes from six winners.

Anyone can contact the following for bus transportation:

Margaret Clark, Bowling Green, 573-324-4144; Gracie Wyatt, Clarksville, Paynesville and Louisiana, 573-242-3827; Meldara Carson, Clarksville, 573-242-3584; Dorthy Adams, Frankford, 573-784-2690; Dorothy Mc Carthy, Frankford, 573-784-2333; Betle Maxwell, Louisiana, 573-754-3811; Joanne Hammuck, Clarksville, 573-847-2266.