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Pike County Genealogical Society, Museum News

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 5:19 pm

The Pike County Genealogical Society and Museum has been busy.

The group would like to tell the people of Pike County how much they appreciate you stopping by their booths at Heritage Days and Colorfest. They were proud to share their new books for sale and all the other misc. items. It helps make it all worth while.

The new books available are:

Eolia City, Eolia Community, Eolia Baptist, St. Johns, Curryville, Mt. Pisgah, Mt. Zion, Prairieville, and Davis Chapel.

They have more of Buffalo-Jordan also.

Not much filming was done in cemeteries this fall, but there will be a few. The society has been so fortunate to have wonderful responses from property owners allowing them to film their little family cemetery. The group and participating families are excited to see them preserved in such a graceful resourceful manner.

“But to that one person who may say no apparently you do not understand the importance of taking the photos that create our new books,” explained a group sponsor.

The books are printed: To create great resources for those researching their family history here in Pike.

To preserve that cemetery for years to come. When mother nature will destroy and remove pieces of history.

To share with others who have that family name a part of their history. And you are an important part of making Pike County the first to create such great resources.


Pike County Museum

The Genealogical Society has been busy creating some unique displays in the Old Pike County Jail. The Jail is the museum built in 1884 but inside houses so much more. Visitors may see a one room schoolhouse, a buffalo, Champ Clark’s cigar box, two campfires, and some war items. Can’t say more; it’s a secret until you come for a tour. We’ll let you spread the word on what you saw. Come on over and go to jail, the group promises they will let you loose when you are done.  Brochures are available just call: 573-324-5810

We are open Thursdays 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment, just call.