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Pike County hit hard by winter storm – Crews work day, night

Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 12:55 pm

A winter snow storm struck Pike County with a vengeance last week, shutting schools and local businesses down for several days.

To the satisfaction of area commuters, city, county, and state plow crews hit the roads early and didn’t quit until the bitter end.

“Once we got going, everything worked like clockwork,” said Pike County Road and Bridge supervisor Sean O’Brien, whose team maintains approximately 544 miles of county road and bridges..

O’Brien added that priority roads, including residences of locals with health issues and major highways, were tackled first.

Despite the rapid snowfall, county crews made it efficiently through their routes in record time. O’Brien said what usually takes his team of 14 men 16 to 20 hours took them only 15 hours to complete Tuesday.

“That’s just the dedication of this crew right here,” he said.

Crews agreed that last week’s snow made life fairly simple, as it was extremely light and easy to push. For those that were able to treat the roads prior to the storm touching down, minimal icing was another accomplished goal.

“We just stuck with it and never shut down,” noted Alliance manager Bo Stinnett.

Alliance pre-treated the city’s snow routes, highway, and airport road, working in 12-hour shifts beginning Monday.

Stinnett explained his crew of seven split in two, working 12 hours on, 12 off, running at least three trucks around the clock.

State workers seemed to have a tougher battle than some of the local crews, as many area highways were temporarily shut down during parts of the storm.

MoDOT reported a lane of Highway 54 was blocked Wednesday afternoon, during the height of the snowfall.

The state crews worked all week and into the weekend, when additional light accumulation hit the area.