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PLTC nursing program subject of gossip, scheduling changes

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Over the years, Eolia’s Pike Lincoln Technical Center has been the temporary home to many of Pike County’s scholars. Recently, this educational haven has been the subject of grapevine gossip and rumors.

Fortunately for school’s students, it appears as though the worst change coming their way is a scheduling delay. With new Practical Nursing Coordinator, Debra Housman, at the helm, school officials are confident the delay will not negatively affect students.

“PLTC administration made the decision to delay the start of this year’s PN program until Oct. 14,” said PLTC Director Martin Hanley. “This delay will give Debra and her instructors an opportunity to revitalize and revamp the program to take into account greater access to technology and new advances in the health care field.”

Gossip surrounding PLTC’s practical nursing program indicated, at one point, that the Clopton School Board and their decisions had “killed” the program and that it would cease. To the pleasure of the students, this appears to be little more than a rumor.

One individual with connections to the program indicated it is already on conditional status, although the State Board of Nursing was able to make recommendations to rectify that.

Hanley explained, “In 2009 and 2010, the program had pass rates of the NCLEX-PN test below the 80 percent level. This started a series of reviews by the State Board of Nursing. In 2011, the State Board placed the program on a conditional status.”

The director added that the pass rates for the 2011 and 2012 school years have moved above the 80 percent level, so the program is seeing improvement.  He said officials are confident that figure will be subject to continuous improvement.

“The results are not in for the 2013 program, but we are again expecting them to continue to be above the 80 percent level,” said Hanley. “The recommendations from the most recent report include items such as reviewing schedule, curriculum, and the program annually.”

The rest of the PLTC PN story is available on the front page of the Aug. 28 Bowling Green Times.