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Popular dinner theater returns to county fairgrounds

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 4:36 pm

Cast takes diners on the high seas in delightful comedy

The cast of “We Sink: You Swim” gathered for a photo after the completion of this year’s dinner theater experience. The cast, which is predominately made up of members of the Learning Center staff, presented the two-hour play on Saturday, April 1 at the Pike County Fairgrounds. The dinner theater was organized as a fundraiser for the early childhood education center, which is located in Bowling Green. This year, the funds will be used to expand the school’s playground and garden center.
Pictured above are, front row, seated: Jennifer James, Christina Gunerman, Lindsey Goheen, Marissa Cunningham, Vicki Layman, and Shannon Niemeyer; second row, from left: Martha Scherder, Adi Ellison, Sarah Nordyke, Megan Larenson, Sasha Rue, Jean Dempsey, Jaime Denslow, and Rebecca Glenn.







Cruise ship passengers Ethel Drew and Karen Cover participate in one of the many games led by the crew of the U.S.S. Salvage in the April 1 production of the “We Sink: You Swim” dinner theater.
















Sarah Nordyke — the playwright of this year’s Learning Center Dinner Theater — helped the audience and her fellow cast members determine who might have pushed a disliked passenger overboard. Ultimately, it would be revealed that Nordyke was the guilty party.
Nordyke also wrote last year’s Learning Center dinner theater production.






















Clad in his signature Hawaiian shirt and with his “I Played A Sea Captain On TV & You Can Be One Too” guidebook, Shannon Niemeyer helped guide the cast, crew, and passengers of the U.S.S. Salvage back to a safe harbor at the conclusion of this year’s Learning Center dinner theater fundraiser. Funds from this year’s production will be used to expand the school’s playground and garden center.

















As disaster after disaster struck the U.S.S. Salvage, “We Sink: You Swim” cast member Vicki Layman kept cruise ship riders entertained as the witty game show host, “Wyn Bigger.”