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Property Dispute Sparks Dialogue On Street Funding

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 3:00 pm

By Ethan Colbert

A property dispute over a small stretch of roadway has a Frankford resident asking the city to get involved — but the city said there may be little that they can do for the time being.
At the center of the controversy is the status of a small stretch of roadway that connects Water Street to Brown Street in Frankford.
According to City Clerk Marilyn Frazer, the stretch of roadway has been a focal point of contention among various neighbors for several years, if not longer.
“There was a street sign up there, but one of the neighbors took it down years ago and said it wasn’t a city street,” Frazer said. “That was years ago, though.”
The dispute over ownership, and access, reached a climax two weeks ago when a green cattle gate was placed across the roadway preventing people from using the roadway.
One of the residents impacted by the gate is Mary Lou Gibbons, who has lived at the intersection of this disputed roadway and Brown Street for 50 years.
Gibbons approached the Frankford City Council at last week’s meeting and presented them with a petition that requests the city not allow the gate to remain across the roadway.

An apparent decades-old property dispute reached a tipping point when a Frankford property owner installed a cattle gate across a portion of a roadway that many in the community had believed to be a part of a city street. The gate, which has since been removed, spurred another Frankford resident to launch a petition asking that the city government force the landowner to remove the gate. Despite the controversy, Frankford Mayor John Schindler says the dispute has reinvigorated discussions among Frankford residents about how to properly fund street maintenance.

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